Saturday, 20 April 2013


While out at a friends store something has occurred to new while e street talking about how quiet it is.

He was just explaining how he had taken £40 in his store by the time I publish this, around 3am on Saturday, which in all honest should be over ten times that amount on a quiet day!

I was talking about how I would have to leave if the local council refuse to budge and that ferrying no money for food means you are not worthy if being provided a home either and that I am now concerned about getting my cash back from my deposit.
But then it suddenly occurred to me that I remembered that by law there are notifications that need to be given!

Now I do not recall in which direction it is but that this notice to quit or cancel tenancy is two months and three months though I cannot remember between who or which direction this is.

I did not read the entire letter that was sent, though I posted it on here, do will have to read it and see if there is a notice period!

Of course if there is no mention of one I am going to have to pull then to account and ask why this is when there are the two months and three months notice for others in this triangle!!

Now let us see what transpires from this!

Of course no notice is tantamount to ensuring that I first cannot move on and secondly have no money to survive on until this illegalities had been brought to account.

I do do wish they would and had taken me to court and accused me of fraud like they do in their many TV adverts and tabloid adverts?!?!

But then they know they would now get a great deal of attention and be shown to be more corrupt and a waster if the publics taxes than those the insinuate are!

No doubts on that issue and they can get solace from the fact they would not be alone either.

Happy Days!


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