Thursday, 18 April 2013


Here is a scan of the results to the Electromyography test. Might as well be Russian to me but someone somewhere might know what it all means, lol.

Well it has been a strange day.

After many years of waiting I thought today was the day when I would finally find out what it is that afflicts me. Being convinced of what I had read due to the incompetence and lies of a great many Doctors, maybe all one reason and maybe all the other.

But it turned out not to be the case and looks like Maya will not get to hear from me again telling her I have this exotic condition after all.

Told I must have a neurological condition and insinuating that Restless Leg Syndrome was the key to this along with a hammer of my heels that gave no response that wasted appointment I waited months for led me down a garden path to nowheresville!

I have spent the day in a kind of limbo. I have felt not only very tired by deflated to and another brick wall. Now that I think about it I cannot help but wonder at the sheer lack of professionalism of all these people you are supposed to bow down before fo them giving you their time?!

That Podiatrist called Mark I was referred to by a guy 15 feet away from his office, he tells me I should not have been sent to him, then insinuates that I am making things up, then says I have a neurological disorder hits my heels with a hammer and is shocked that he gets no reaction from either heel.

Everything he has said has first been contradicted and the prove wrong.

Te odd thing is lately is that, ad believe me when I say that this has NEVER happened before, is that all these Doctors seemed to know each other personally and speak as if they all spend Christmas day together?!

Mark says that mg GP Dr Gubbay is one of the best GPs around, Dr Gubbay says this about Mark (the Podiatrist) and today the Doctor that performed the tests said this about Dr Mort, my Neurologist, who caused me to realise he was the Doctor I was about to meet 100 yards away from where I was to meet him because he looked at me and did a double-take of me. So he KNEW me and had seen a picture, either that or Dr Carl Sagan was wrong and there IS something to Psychic abilities because there is simply no other explanation. Added to this is that there would be NO picture of me in my medical records.

Also I noted the other day, I rarely read this things through if at all, that Dr Mort referred to me in his letter back to my GP that I was a pleasant man?! An odd thing for a Doctor to remark about?

I cannot recall a time previously ever meeting two doctors that actually knew each other and it has happened several times, oh yes Maya and Mark knew each other well too.

So I just so happen to be living in an area whereby the loal hospital has one of the worst reputations around and yet I am lucky enough to have all the top people in their fields in the areas I have been referred to.

In my dozey, hazy, depressed and deflated state that has been playing on my mind!

Not normally a good thing as it normally means I am picking up on something and have no realised all the data yet, lol.

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