Monday, 22 April 2013


One of the things I setup the Wordpress blog for was to strart to publish and over time publish all my screenshots and findings to do with my online activity being...tampered with. I did not wanto do this immediately and wanted to cllect a fair amount up first.

After all I did not know for sure who was behind it though I had a list of possibilities and not very long and could only be one of those listed I could not mention them.

Purely because had it been the OBVIOUS one then this blog would have likely disappeared very quickly soon after divulging it on here. So I went over to Wordpress to do it there and have been doing it for seval weeks with a few weeks yet to go. BUT something has already happened and very early on on the Wordpress blogs life so I am switching one to a double post both here and my Wordpress blog?!

Also I want to put something to the test, lol.

My WordPress BLOG:

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