Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Well this was a turn up for the books.

I really did not expect to get handed a cut down version of my medical history and I was supposed to take this around to my Dentist. So during the walk I was looking at it when I noticed some glaring errors and a few omissions to boot so I pulled my camera out of my rucksack with the intention of studying it when I got home.

I have just finished doing that and though I am surprised to see some things included, like the sciatica, Restless Legs Syndrome and dizziness there is something in there that I personally was never given an answer to, other than 'water on the lung' after a scan at Homerton Hospital in London.

I now know for the first time ever that this is called Costrochondritis and listed as chest wall pain and sems to be pretty spot on and I can tell you it is pretty nasty. If anyone reading this had experienced this they will agree with me, well I presume so I could hardly breath for days, lol.

Anyway what is shocking is that the dates are way way off and they have got some things back to front and to cap it all it is in itself contradictory!!

Well it WOULD be if it were not for the fact that a certain diagnosis that took place on the 8th February 2012 at Barnet Hospital where they diagnosed PES CAVUS and therefore contradicted the earlier observation that there is nothing abnormal about my feet.

Come to think of it nor is Raj's comments that 'your toes are ALL WRONG'?!

Curious in the omissions of these two things, should NEVER hand me a piece of paper like this I wall pull it to bloody bits, lmao.

That was just 20 minutes of looking though it, will likely spot more in time but you get the general idea!!


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