Friday, 12 April 2013


Well as I hit on before with certain things children are targeted to earn money and far too much for feck all in all honesty.

This is a part of computing that has concerned me for some time now. Indeed I first heard about this in a CSI episode a few years ago and then I started seeing it in Facebook. Indeed I met a naive woman with learning difficulties, who was not registered as having them so no help for her, and she had spent a fortune and regularly buying things for a farm in Farmville?! These greedy game apps creators need to be out in their place along with the companies the conveniently allow them to do it and turn a blind eye because they earn money!

Poor people being cheated with money and view compare that to someone with no money downloading something that is copyright protected and belongs to who already has millions from said copyright and you would think the world was going to end from the reaction of the industries and all their families were going to starve to death?!


When I realised you could pay for all this stuff on these games and apps I saw this as nothing more than a con! A game is a game and when you go to watch your football team they charge you 50 quid anyway which us ridiculous but there is not a sign saying "PAY £100 TODAY AND SEE SPURS BEAT ARSENAL 10-0"?!?!


Your charging people to cheat while others genuinely playing see it as a waste of time. It is in itself cheating which seems to go on a great deal in Facebook while I get emails about paedophiles and child pornography going on in their pages they do nothing about!!

Money really has become the route of all evil today. Additional content they call it while I call it cheating and making cash from idiots. But genuine players end up losing out as all genuine and honest people do today squeezed on either side by rich and evil. Hmm maybe that should be rich + evil and evil?! Lol.

Well I for one am hoping and even remarked yesterday that not all those that are rich are evil and there will be done signs of this fact in the coming weeks ... fingers crossed!

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