Sunday, 7 April 2013


More of your council taxes being SQUANDERED!

Right now here is something I have been watching for months now and I DO MEAN months and first noticed this being done WAY BEFORE Christmas and looked as if they had been at it for months when I came across it?!

This is a footpath near Forty Hall and worked on by Enfield Council with Enfield Council vehicles and workers. It has taken them way over 6 months to complete this and it is STILL not completed.

It is also dangerous because for all this time there has been all this really rough hardcore laying about that I cannot even walk on let alone children?!

Best of all though is in the pictures below where the UNFINISHED footpath goes right up to a metal fence with no opening or gate right opposite the school at Maiden's Bridge in Forty Hill!

 One path leading to one dead end!
 The DEAD END and the School, but WHAT IS THAT in front of the SCHOOL on this side?!

Zoom in and about 20 yards to the right of the path to a dead end is a STYE?!

Now do you think it might have been better for the path to lead to THIS?! LMAO!!!

Maybe all the bright workers with intelligence are too busy putting secret cameras in street lights that peer into people's bedrooms, it does mine, while telling they tell their stupid public they are only cleaning them?!


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