Thursday, 25 April 2013


Well I am thankful that I received some money, though I am asking myself how long before they pull this stunt again after already pulling it TWICE.

This is mainly because I was coming home from Sainsbury when my Regatta shoe on my right foot felt all flappy and I looked down and realised they had started to SPEAK!

Unfortunately the only other pair of shoes I have are these flat soled Karrimor which are not good for walking in but have had them 3 years and use them primarily for cycling and even then I should not use them.

So there I was in Sports Direct looking at the specific running shoes with high arches and I had a pair of Nike Air AVORD 10 in my hands which were £35. Just ast I had done the year before and the year before that...well for quite some years now I think about it I was looking at the gel soles of the Asics at around £100 with envy. I even stated to the sales girl that I would be back to buy them in a few weeks time.

I said that last year too!

I thought maybe this year would be different though and not just for the shoes I should be buying but also so that any purchases I make from the cash I should already well be making from my blogs goes towards things that also ADD CONTENT to my blogs and YouTube account. Spend money to make money seems to mean spend money and work for free to big American companies and no longer limited to sweat shops in Asia either.

Still they cannot manufacture figures forever or it will be grossly obvious even to the most stubbornly naive people. A total 0f 17,000 visitors and a rise of 1,500 per week and rising will soon be 25,000 and a rise of 2,000 per week. A month after that, which is a months time, we could be looking at 40,000 and 3,000 per week rise. Then 60,000 and 5,000 per week...well you get the idea.

My current balance states £4.90 so can I expect my first £60 payment in the Autumn or Winter when there are 250,000 to 500,000 while rising at 10,000 per week or more?! LOL.

Currently and even though physios have often told me to spend over £100 on trainers as if money was confetti, I baulk when I see £40, I have not even received enough money to pay for the laces of the Nike I just purchased.. LMAO.

Really what I should be doing is using the Nike as my cycling trainers and buy the Asics for when I am on foot?! This way it should stop me having to buy trainers or shoes every 5 or 6 months?! Also the PROPER and more expensive trainers bought specifically for the walking problem do not get destroyed by constantly being used for cycling!

As well as this I have now seen and ordered a pair of Continental Vapor Tyres for my bike as the old tyres really ned replacing as the rubber is splitting with age and I have had two punctures in as many weeks. I do not get punctures in as many years previous to this lol.

If there IS another and eventually successful attempt at stopping my benefits then I will need the tyres on my bike to be tip top condition too! Now normally the Vapor tyres I would expect to pay about £40 to £50 for them and indeed the last tyres I bought for a bike were Schwalbe Racing Ralphs and these cost me £80 a pair?! SO the fact that including a charge for postage I saw the Continental Vapor at £26 for the pair and with me racing around trying to get photos and videos for these blogs and my YouTube account I thought I had better do it.

After all fixing punctures is bloody painful and therefore bloody frutrating for me, lol.

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