Monday, 15 April 2013


As I had stated in a previous post the BBC decided that the filming inside North Korea was so important, to who I have not heard anyone say, that it was worth placing into danger not only those students they his amongst but all students who travel overseas from now on.

It was pleasing to see other universities realise the same thing, which was obvious was going to happen now that I think about it, criticising their careless action and the fact that what was obvious to new as well as being obvious to them was NOT OBVIOUS to the BBC or they just did not care.

I am amazed with the speed that careless attitudes to human life is actually now moving up the classes?!

Would they have pulled the same stunt with students of Oxford our Cambridge Universities?! I think not but give it a year or do and you never know?!

I have seen for sometime members of the BBC and its subsidiaries and contractors behaving with such cold and unjust carelessness over human life and going to no ends to get a story that will shock that there actions are as equally bad as the individuals or groups they stew attempting to expose!

I cannot but wonder if our is money or possibly the pulitzer prize that see with their every narrowing tunnel vision?!

I knew from the moment I stated this blog how far the rot in the UK had spread and although done have revealed themselves along the way with one or two surprisingly big names but the BBC and TV News media in general and large portion if the tabloids were not a surprise to me.

Oddly if any staff of the said organisations are even reading this who were familiar with THE FOUR DVDs I sent into them wondering why I sent them if I knew they would take no notice of them...well DUHHH!!

So that when I report real stories relevant to the British people I can show them instead of just sounding like a demented conspiracy theorist spouting fantastical sounding nonsense and getting myself kicked up in a straight jacket and a padded cell, which I now know you use MAPPA to do.

That is also why I have all my other blogs, lol, as it shows that I AN A INTELLIGENT as I state and that I do have interests and knowledge outside of such a miserably morose subject and do try to involve myself in lighter things instead of the dark world that you and people like you have created that has and still is destroying this country.

I was informed lately of many things and many more are coming in with greater frequency with each week that passes.

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