Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hmm was thinking how Stephen Sackur can give interviewees a difficult time but I wonder if anyone has asked him why the company he works for are not reporting on very serious issues that are going on the the UK while the only during at home that does get mention is gay marriages not getting blessed by the church which in all honesty is hardly high yup the pecking order when it comes the the level of seriousness with everything going on even just in the UK?!

Indeed the rioting I read about that went on in Belfast, London, Glasgow, Bristol and Liverpool and probably more paces for me was pretty serious regarded of shrines thoughts on it. That is give separate rioting that I know about right here in the UK but not only had it not had a mention on the BBC News but added to this if the fact that none if them for a mention on the BBCi News bulletins where done things gets shoved instead of airtime?!


Makes me think of what Russia Today said about use if chemical weapons in Libya not being reported by the BBC or Sky?!

What is rioting not important enough to make it onto the mainstream news anymore?

Our to put out another way, how many buildings or how much cost in millions or how many lives lost does it take in the UK for you to deem it worthy if airtime?!

Just wondering you understand as it seems that the UK and its people are not worth reporting about anymore.

But the rioting in other countries you will?! Or the unrest or the revolutions our any other difficulties going on? I wonder if you stopped to think that, especially how the Internet was used in the Arab Spring, it had occurred to you that going down this path would do you you in the long run when other journalists from other countries, along with their governments, world view this?!

Casting aspersions, judgements and claims upon other countries and their people for their behaviour when you yourselves are not acting a journalists should?

It is the same everywhere I look and with whichever industry I come into contact with within the UK?! CHOOSEY about what the deem important where often the small gains more attention that than super sized parties and thinking you sure smarter than everyone else, cocky, arrogant, way over confident and think everyone else even within you're own industry are blind as well as stupid?!

Ooh dear I cab tell you whatever you thought you was getting out if this?! Was NOT worth it, lol.

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