Sunday, 25 October 2015


Fore-note: I typed this out about ten days back, at a wild guess. I held it back a little longer than I thought I would, in all honesty. Anyone remember me previously mentioning anything about the numbers coming up? Did anyone link that reference back to a post that was titled 'TEN'? Oops. LMAO!

Well it is edging closer. To … something. Lol.

After many months of pondering about sorting out my house and clearing out a great many things I have made a big start.

I sit hear listening to Chris Isaak's Wicked Game while surfaces once cluttered are now clear. Most of the day has been spent working on this, throwing out large quantities and cleaning and polishing and indeed have not spent so much time of any day doing this.

I am beat.

But I have to keep going and there are days ahead when other things need to be moved … at the last minute and things I use a great deal.

I glance around the room and imagine my bedroom which still needs work, hence why I have to keep on going. There are furniture items that can be tossed away allowing for far more space to be made available.

There are two lists of things to be done to the house while I am away. One will definitely be done while the other list is a maybe. A definite maybe.

I do not have a date. Yet. Not far away now and absolutely no more than four days. Hmm, four?

Let us just say that I have a gut feeling and a recent text message has me thinking that things will go as I expected they might.

It will only be a matter of weeks before I am working on the final phase.

What that is will remain a mystery … for now.

I am processing collections of my items in my head and working out what can be moved and where to. But two things remain a problem. There is, however, a solution albeit a tricky one.

Not long now for me to see if a group of my predictions start to materialise or not, as the case may well be. Not for all.

Of course there are the various … traps and like leading a horse from a field to a stable I will simply and gently pull on the rope. In a manner of speaking as the reality will be someone stronger than my metaphorical statement might suggest.

There are the possibilities and soon the three main ones will get their chance to happen. Not happening will make things look very suspicious and of course I will be here to explain all that.

Some clues?

  • Paper 'B'
  • Papers 'T'
  • People 'B'
  • Pursuit 'D'

The four P's.

Hmm rather like those sets of four DVDs?! Weird.

I expect a cascade. Like nothing I have experienced before and a great many things too.

Those hooked on dreams and their pursuit and their meaning in every sense of the word are going to gape wide eyed at this blog. Not once, twice or even three times and that I can assure you.

I expect large numbers of people to finally realise it jaw dropping awe.

Those familiar with things I have posted in the past, some I will remind everyone of or point out to anyone new, will start to make a great deal of sense.

I have been sowing seeds. Granted, I have published a great deal of evidence on a great many people and organisations. These were seeds. Hmm seeds you can see but not quite knowing what, if anything, would come of them.

I did warn from the start that I do see things through.

There was never any chance of me reaching my ending, short of dying mysteriously.

The darkness is turning to grey. This process will continue and increase in speed.

Right now I am thinking of the next four days. Damn it! That number four once again! Lol.

I am expecting something within the next three days … though I am expecting a surprise visit to my home. Hmm … I might actually get that visit I expected four years ago?

I am assuming the media ban was lifted.

A meeting took place recently and this was post signing off on a case. This could only be one of three things …

  • Papers
  • Pursuit 'Me'
  • Movement 'M'

I have not been informed of the nature of the meeting which is rather curious and gives my prediction some clout of notability.

I expect something in the next three days. Lol!

After this … a series of posts regarding … my visions.

Also time to come clean … but this could take a while.

Three days to notification. Possibly four and then another four awaiting the necessary transportation to another destination.

Preparation is everything.

Very much expect not to wait very long for some big and very good news. Well yes I already have said good news. All in good time and I will explain why when the time comes.

Timing is everything.

Apologies if you do not like things being ... well, cryptic. Lol.

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