Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Well I have mentioned this several times done this blogs inception and yet another prediction come to fruition.

It really is too easy to predict these things in reality and I have actually been mentioning this to people for about 5 years now.

Of course it was bound to happen at some point but like in my previous posts everyone seems to love this depravity until something goes horribly wrong!

Which is too late isn't it?

Someone dies on TV because it is live and it was only a matter if time with live TV but everyone lives this stuff but then quick to condemn it afterwards. My next one is someone committing suicide after the events of a reality TV show!

The sad facts were these things are on TV because everyone watches it and despite the endless laws and rules that given normal people and small businesses on the high street and the punishments and fines that are imposed nine of these rules exist our those that are not have much of a punishment to those with money and power.

A shame. That one rule for them again over and over.

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