Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Oops! This does not look good for the powers that be in Brazil or the sport of football as a whole asking with FIFA.

I reckon Seth Blatter wishes he could have hibernated for the last five years and fire the next five too!

Oddly this just emphasizes how the public pay for what had become an over extravagant event for several hundred over paid sportsmen who whine they do not get enough?!

I find it incredibly ironic that it would be the nation of Brazil to make a stand and be heard?! Lol.

These players make millions of pounds per year, let them pay for it!!

I do think it had become sad where nations are basically held to random today by sporting bodies! Basically an auction takes place to hold these events which goes to the highest bigger?!

What really gets right up my nose is I really do not see what benefit it had to that country our its people and what we are told are fecking lies!

I think governments just use the events to away or cajole other governments they go the event.

I mean you would get a great deal if politicians from every nation in the world in your country for several weeks!

Everyone these days no matter where sells their souls to the devil to my mind.

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