Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well Mervyn King seems to have rather surprisingly been honest and summed up what I knew for sometime.

At least one name within the corrupt system makes sense and states out how it is?! It is a relief...

Ooh wait out was his parting speech so actually turns out to be somewhat worrying.

This is especially true as there seems to be a growing fashion of rich Americans ruining UK companies and I have had as well as witnessed and read about very bad experiences of this and discovered scams, lies and rip offs of the British Public going on.

If this had been noticed by more people than even I realise then this could be going down at the worst possible time?! I for one will not be spending money with companies that do not pay taxes, are American owned or run  or that sell shoddy overseas goods as brand new British goods.

Three companies, three products, all several hundreds of pounds each and all shoddy and refurbished!!

Motorola Atrix, HP Pavilion DV7 and a Nikon Coolpix L310. None of which were either what I wanted or needed and among with the crappy 3G network I am on (which is actually the best one) I barely get by.

All are used along with a couple other items, all also inferior to my needs and all are faulty save except for my Olympus SP820UZ Bridge Camera. Though I love the later there are many occasions when I cannot get what I want without an SLR and all that I get would be better with an SLR.

So I work with what I have and at times of i needed something someone would go without, lol.

This amounts to around £1,400 worth of goods on special offer costing £1020?!

Be careful out there! Argos, Very and PC World on case anyone read wondering, use the search function, lol.

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