Sunday, 23 June 2013


Oh no you didn’t!! 

Little joke in the title you would get if you were from the North West of England and Scouse in particular where Judy means girlfriend making the sentence relevant if only to a small fraction of the planet's population and NO I am not Scouse, lol.

Interesting that the article is in The Guardian as I am 100% positive that they along with like a dozen others received my four DVDs of data! I wonder if the ones responsible four discarding or discounting are now hunkering down in a stock room somewhere behind the inks and mountains of paper?!


They probably do boy even remember as it was just prior to the Olympics followed by the odd disc or two afterwords before I have up sure to no feedback. Anything I have posted on here our on the other blog since August 2012 they never received. Though it is entirely possible that they remembered me and found my blogs very early on?

It was indeed one of my expectations that my data and findings would be ummm…taken and used by many, lol. In fact not only was I expecting this I read BANKING ON IT and one of the many reasons that no matter what I did or did not get from putting the time and effort into doing this I HAD TO KEEP AT IT.

Some things, organisations and indeed industries world just take a very long time to work around and needed…a DIFFERENT APPROACH. LMAO!

On another note I also see that they have made a move towards extradition?!

Funny how when your in these organisations you are not allowed morals or a conscience. You are also always the one to blame when it goes tits up?! How do we know he wqas not going to be hung out to dry for something?!

When it gets too much they always get punished like the soldiers that did those things out in the Middle East I am sure if someone mentioned it and it was just one person it would have been covered up.

That Bradley Manning too it seems that if your American your not allowed a conscience of any kind!

I previously stated to people that asked what would I do if GCHQ or MI5 came calling after what I did and asked me to work for them, I got that question put to me a great deal. I said well I nearly did but glad I did not and no I would not.

Simply put there is nothing wrong with secrets but time and time again over the ages, well going from the golden age of everything if you like, more and more that think they are smart and clever push beyond the boundaries to which they should and screw up a perfectly good industry in the meantime. The ABUSE and destroy something that used to be iconic and MEANT SOMETHING!

It is a real crying shame it really is and I do not know where it will lead to or if it will end. Well it WILL end but when is the worry.

So another hero will be hunted down like a wild dog by a pack of ravenous wolves who believe more in 'the system' that what is right and wrong and they have the cheek to keep mentioning God every five minutes and use 'In God We Trust'.

I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination but by some quirk I turned out to be wrong no bloody higher intelligence would ask his minions to behave in such appalling ways to other nations or themselves?!

Hmm I also said I am not religious but for a bit of a laugh I will tell you that I get a great deal of Jehovah's Witnesses knock here and I do tell them 'Look, your pretty close to the guy upstairs? Can you tell him to pull his finger out I am getting SICK of doing his work for him?!'

I really should video their reactions?!


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