Saturday, 29 June 2013


Diclofenac? DICLIFENAC?!

Well this is one hell if a mind job for me this truly is!

This is one of the drugs that I have thought for some years now that it's one of those cheap crap drugs they give you that do not work!

Why do I think this?

Well because I was on this years ago and it did bugger all and I was also on accelofenac too which also did nothing!

Now I could write a decent list of drugs I have been given over 12 years plus that do not work on pain.

I could also do the same for drugs for my stomach problem which left me acquiring oesophagitis years later...

...ooh?! That is WHY they switched the dates on my medical records?! Of course not providing the right drugs directly led to another condition!

Anyway I digress.

So after more than ten years they have now performed one neurological test that does not test for everything but then lied and said neurological problems were ruled out. But at same time and not linked to other specialists or departments I was under a Pain Specialist prescribed a Neurological Drug called Gabapentin that works. When I ask why as they insist I have no neurological problem they tell nd it's not for neurological problems, gabapentin that is, it is simply a pain killer.

Tonight I find out that one of the shitty crappy drugs they kept giving me years ago was actually doing....something! Increasing the risk of a heart attack?! I have now had two members of my family, maybe a third  that died due to heart problems and since my father died my family started writing about me and my heart?!

Well other than a selfish grandfather that seems to be going on to live forever, funny how it always works like that lol, I am the oldest in this branch of my family!

I wonder if any of them will read or hear about it and ask me as I've been prescribed lots of NSAIDs over the years!

This drug has been knocking around fire donkeys years!! God it must have been ten years back I was prescribed it?!

So how the hell are they only finding out about it now and how many people have died because of it?!

Before above wonders the answer is no the family members I know to have died sure to heart problems never took pills ever, lol. One did not even have a Doctor!

Of course I imagine that many people who have lost someone close to them is now going to wonder of they took this drug?! In the case of a spouse this would be probably known but if a parent our adult child out could be more difficult to found out if they lived alone.

Time will tell if there it's anything more to this or not? Let us hope out was only an increased risk and never came to anything?!

Only with the amount of time this drug had been around and how easily and quickly it is given out I very much doubt it!

Just remembered that I think my old cycling buddy was prescribed this for his bad back! I wonder how his nurse of a sister is now trying to explain this away as she did to him over my health and ailments that were ALWAYS?!


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