Monday, 3 June 2013



I have a long history with this car park right on the middle of Enfield Town in Little Park Gardens.

I wasPA to a solicitor but that is for another day, though I have mentioned this from time to time..

Anyway! I used to park here each day to pick up it drop off the DX POST and for the normal post at the main post office as well as the banking at Lloyds.

The ticket price was expensive to park and everyone used to give each other tickets as they were leaving. Working for one if the more popular solicitors in the area I was known by many people and who had good careers our their own successful businesses. We well did it. There were a couple of times when I've client who was a more senior officer in the Police Force, gave me HIS tickets.

So many KNEW me but more importantly many knew WHAT I HAD DONE.

Today I see that at some point in the post this particular evil and greedy council of Enfield put a stop to it?!

I am not sure when as I have been without a car due so long now I lost twelve years on no claims bonus and stop not even possess a freedom pass?!

Even members of the Police, will at heat the more humane... I mean human ones, lol, thought that councils were greedy and wasteful along with evil organisations?!

When was this I hear you wondering...well that would be before my father passed away so 2003-4!


Oh and as for the picture of the dilapidated car park? Well that had remained that way since around 2005-6 and I've been here 6 years and definitely long before I moved here!

So reducing spaces while preventing transferring of parking tickets. Nice.

When a space is paid for, it's paid for!

When you rented a film from Blockbusters they did not come round your house on the evening and charge you for the nine other people watching it with you?!

Like the mobile telecoms want in on the charge thrice routine?!

Lovely Jubbley!

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