Saturday, 8 June 2013


Well it has been a long hard struggle but I think I have finally achieved the high on impossible and what Google seemingly tries to keep from me.

First off the limit of THREE ADS on the blogs is actually wrong and it's the of a certain size or over a certain size.

Secondly I have waded through the quagmire that is Affiliate Directories and there has been some odd things.

One I have emailed with does not seen to be too sure of what they are actually doing and got some surprising things wrong. Some big company names are on their lists too!

Another company that contacted me directly now seems to be on their third Affiliate Directory in as many months?!

Yes it is a quagmire!

It also seems that poor old blog writers send to be screwed at every turn in every way possible! Nice.

Done by such charming companies too all wanting world, peace, love and world domination...DOHH!

Oddly it seems a growing number of companies that behave in this manner now seem to find their names on an ever growing black list of companies up to no good?!

Well I NEVER!!

Perish the thought my man!!

One had to wonder exactly where this is leading and will the seeming growing in stature of these announcements continue 'ad infinitum'? It certainly seems to be this way and therefore you have too ask ... What next? How shocking will it be and what will come AFTER?!

Is there a pattern to all this? It certainly seems as if someone is pressing the correct buttons in certain sequence. These would be labelled something like..

'Anger Them'
'Anger and Surprise'
'Anger and Shock'
'Piss Them Off & Surprise'
'Piss Them Off & Shock'

Or something similar, ha!

So where next and how much longer will it continue?

I also ask myself about the kind of people who sure going after theses kind of stories?! It does ease certain...aspects of my psyche in that someone somewhere is now going after these stories.

It will also pose another set of questions for me if this particular thing with GCHQ and who exactly was behind out and who exactly was to gain from it?

So many things to concentrate on while trying to provide enough content for all my blogs and working it details I should not have to for months on end so u can earn the princely sum of sweet FA and wonder which estimated date I will get my first payment and actually get it CORRECT?!

So far despite the ever growing number of visitor each week that rises at an impressive rate in such a short time it becomes ever more staggering with every month that goiters by with a black...

Well I DO have 14 blogs, you know?!

I have even had a large will known company email me and state the following...

'we have had a great deal of traffic from your site and wondered if you could explain how you did it and provide screen shots?'

Now the fecking annoying thing is according to the account figures the traffic they are speaking if is one single solitary click?!

One of these is therefore a lie and just like everywhere else I look our am involved in it is a lie or misinformation or misdirection?!

Most definitely a quagmire absolutely indeed!

Once you think you have something sorted it seems to vanish before your very eyes and either appears at another location our something entirely different appears in its place.

Disconcerting? Off-putting?

No, it just makes me want to kick more arse and KICK arses I must certainly will and continue to do so until everyone GETS IT!!

Now though it is their turn to be handed a number and told to get in line?!

In the meantime everything I see and here becomes more and more skin to something from Stephen King's The Stand?!

If I ever spot a little old black lady in a rocking chair in her front garden I an going to turn and run very fast!

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