Tuesday, 11 June 2013



I am somewhat high on these PRESCRIPTION DRUGS today, lol.

While I was out my mind was, and still is, searching for whatever it is that it seeks which normally means philosophising.

In so doing some words came to me to give me ideas and I tapped these out as a series of upcoming posts between posts to be philosophical and somewhat poetic and hopefully in an appealing and artful way.

Like beauty this is down to the beholders.

Here is a picture of some upcoming sneak peak titles followed by a poem of sorts that just strung together.

Probably absolute tosh but I do like doing things like that and posting them...

...even the tosh!!

Just an poem to explain how I come up with some of my philosophical meanderings, lol.


Grey is the day that dawns and lingers like an eternity
Music the escape from the dreary June skies
Thoughts race with a determination to discover
The words of a wordsmith to be surreal to inquisitive eyes
Touching the heart and mind to wonder of the meanings
Twisting and turning but all chained in beautiful ways
Cool air flows past gently parting tufts of hair out of place
Misty rain falls and rests upon my exposed skin
The drugs in effect and the music plays exciting my mind
These two entwined in such beauty that creates perfect mood of mind
Up with the clouds my thoughts run free from their bonds
Allowed to float and then fly and discover the words to entwine
Flowing as nature intended and create beauty long since lost in time
To replace those sparks in the hearts and minds those
Who come searching with questions of deep in thoughts and wondering
Their feelings tough self imprisoned they turn towards the dark from light
The path of return long since lost the heart now seeks feelings
Answers that reveals the path of the return to the lighter side
A screen to touch and notes I do take as the words to me revealed
Those that will flow in titles to come for all that search still

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