Saturday, 8 June 2013


The spying that has, or had, taken place by GCHQ on its own people by Americans had now had the first names banded about.

They are Google, which was probably a given I thought, and Facebook. Facebook did not occur to be but I guess it should have done really.

What I'm more disgusted by is that this was performed by a British spy organisation on it's own people and one that was interested in EMPLOYING ME!

You will have to use the search for more details on me almost working for them.

I am glad now that I did not, despite the various and obvious as will as POSTED difficulties I have had over the years! At least my conscience is clear!! Well almost!

What I find strange is that while GCHQ have admitted this claiming they did nothing wrong the big names are denying it all?!

Also and Niue to the point is that who is it in Britain that BENEFITED from this arrangement?!

Our more to the point who too a fecking back hander to do this?! What bloody benefit did it have to the British public?!?!

These are the questions that NEED to be ANSWERED and not just ASKED!!

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