Sunday, 2 June 2013


But with the public that should read contempt as time after time after time they just still do bit GET IT!


The more they continue the longer the HEALING will take. There I used the word so favoured by that Osbourne guy...bit Ozzy though I'm sure he would do a better job?!


Up is down and forwards is backwards. These crimes are punishable by walking the plank, the career plank that is and resigning! God must strike absolute terror into them and why this dirt if thing takes place so very rarely...oooh wait a minute?!

How do people so greedy, naive and amoral get into these positions and careers?

The sad part is sometimes I cannot help but think maybe the British Public deserves it because they keep voting for the same people. But then I think well they mostly appear to be of the same ilk?!

It is a conundrum!

Hmm these conundrums seen to be mounting up and I wonder just how many cross blog conundrums I will have ended up posting by the time I have reached the first anniversary if these blogs?!

Think there are three at least already?! Not keeping track in all honesty!


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