Friday, 28 June 2013


SO here I am waiting for my landlord who has now taken twenty minutes to do a 5 minute journey so I can pay him his rent before I go and rest my very painful legs!

I must have just overdone it but my thighs were very painful from too much cycling yesterday, though I say that but really the cycling was bugger all, 9 miles if that?!

I have been over what that stupid Doctor said in the last post and how I had him shuffling the paperwork as if he was going to find Harry Potter's wand before to make me disappear?!

It was a real shock in all honesty at his dismissive attitude to the scan results and quite the opposite to what the chap performing the ultrasound stated! In fact even IF he had mentioned the black area that appeared on the monitor as well as the hernia on the opposite side this, oops landlord was here and forgot all about this lol, hmm and just stated they were nothing and talked them down this would have been bad enough but it WOULD have been plausible deniability and would have been bad enough.

Umm hope that was coherent my landlord came and then I watched a, very interesting film called Source Code which also got me thinking, lol.

Yes so he was all confident and matter of fact when he sat back in his chair and said the ultrasound showed nothing and was clear, God my face must have been a picture of confusion as indeed his was when I pointed out that this was NOT The case and what WAS REALLY on the ultrasound.

DO you know that before I put the link to the meeting in, and a long section of me doing a walking monologue where you can actually here the cogs in my brain click into each other as I babble, I asked my mother who was herself complaining that she was being messed about by the NHS and I told her I knew but she was not letting me speak.

I kept telling her and trying to cut her off from one of her explanatory stories, which never reach any conclusions, that I can explain why she is treated like she is and that I had figured it out. After several times of me attempting to interject she finally sighed, that I had tried to cut her off mid story as always, and said sarcastically "go on then?!"

I then told her it s because she does not work and had she noticed as I now have that every time you register you are asked if you are working and that this question is not relevant in anyway?! I said if you work up tall buildings and fall off then cause of death is going to be obvious. They do NOT ask you if you work around substances which could be toxic whether this would be in a short or a long period of time.

Very rare you can say anything to my mother without getting fifty daft reasons why you are wrong but this time it was different. When she heard the words there was a realisation on her face and her eyes went wide and a single tear rolled down her right cheek!

She leaned backwards and turned her head as if she was going to burst into sobbing and stated about how her party, the SWP and a Socialist Party, would have known all this and put a stop to it. I then stopped her and said no they would not because they have the wrong attitude and no one takes them seriously. I also stated that for this blog it is vitally important to me that I do not sound like I am affiliated to any party at all! I am not a politician and nor do I want to be and I do NOT understand why some beliefs belong to one camp while others another?!

It is what it is and the truth is the truth and nothing and no one can change that no matter how many times they scream, shout and complain. Every course and every avenue that you traverse has an inevitable outcome.

What I chose to do here has an inevitable outcome! There is no avoiding it as the wealth of information once taken in and seen and heard by enough members of the public will have an unavoidable effect. There is no stopping that as long as this blog exists and can be seen by anyone who wishes to see it and read it.

I just do not know what the tipping point numbers are for certain...effects to take place and nor do I know how long it will take to get there!!

But get there it most definitely will.

It is possible that by the time this blog has been live a year I may be able to tell you? Hmm annoying but like everything else I cannot say for certainty until I...GET THERE?!

Now it could take a few weeks, doubtful as I have been held back on so many things by the weather, my health problems, hospitals, Doctors, mechanical failures on my cycle, DWP and Council doing there meddling so a couple weeks is doubtful.

But mid August this blog would have been live for one whole year, which is not long in blog or website ages, but that I think the numbers would have been reached by this time if not before.

Also and just as I tried to guess with the tabloids and TV News Media when I sent them the four DVDs of data it would take them 3 or 4 months after that to get through it all.

I decided that if all the above fail to contact me in four months then they either rather incompetently and stupidly discarded it and binned the discs or gradually and one by one would investigate and therefore get a whole long list of scoops that, in words that I put to them, well keep them busy for the next 5 to ten years?!

Basically stealing it without even saying THANKS!!


So when I see stuff that I cover on here and provided evidence to which I acquired LONG BEFORE I even started the blog then I think 'oh yeah that is mine!'

It is a bit surreal when this happens three or four times in a week, lol.

The funny thing is when I stated that they could use it as they wanted I did not think I would not even get a bloody mention or even a single email of thanks. Not NO acknowledgement whatsoever, lol.

But id did show me of the type of world that we live in and the attitudes that are held towards human beings and that you can be a brain dead moron but if your on TV and make or posses lots of cash, no matter how you got it, then your important enough to do things for and help.

But if your a bloody genius who saved the lives of his family and hundreds of others, helped locate and catch two terror cells and a gang grooming and having sex with young under age girls, foil a plot against the London Olympic Games, catch out corruption in all the major public office and organisations three Councils, the Police and inadequacies behind a while string or organisations wasting hundreds of millions of pounds each year ad who possesses a degree?

Nope, non of that matters because I have not lied, cheated, made a spectacle of myself, stole, conned or embezzled lots of cash and got away with it as this is how you have to do it for the most part.

Nope none of that matters and therefore you do not matter if it is listed down anywhere than you do not have a job and you do not have money!!

And now that link, lol...

I keep stating this since I realised it was missing and put it in but there IS a search box!!

The data I provide is in a public access cloud service and you are fully allowed to download it all!!

There are letters, emails and best of all are the secret recordings of most of the above!!

There are several of the Police LYING and on is four hours long!! LMAO!

Doctors, Specialists, Heads of Departments and then some.

It really is all there you just have to hear it for yourself it really is that simple.

There is not really a great deal more that I can provide on the NHS in all honesty and I will get a couple more things but it really will dry up after that, meeting or two with GP and some more awkward questions a lot more to the point.

There are other things, like my daughter's court case. But some things are out of my hands as to acquiring evidence. For instance I was told that the court case was to be held on the 26th or the 28th June but as today was the 28th June and I have heard nothing, despite texting, I am thinking I must have got mixed up. Maybe it is July?! Until I hear something I will remain in limbo!

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