Sunday, 9 June 2013


Ahh easier to just share instead of screen shots, dopey arse twit!

Anyway I saw this report that stated that the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, stated he is listing his patience and that the protesters are merely looters.

Cannot help but wonder who he thinks he is, lol.

Erdogan losing patience on protests

This got me thinking to what he will do when he had just his patience.

Then I started thinking about the numbers involved.

Surely there if something gravely wrong when one man, or indeed woman, insists that a growing number of people are wrong?!

I am not sure if the exact number of people or indeed the ratio or percentage of the Turkish population thinks ad the protesters do but is not Democracy based on the larger community and the ratio of what is wanted?!

Hmm I an our of it that probably sounded bonkers, lol.

In an ejection the elected if the one that the majority of people have voted for.

So if that same majority now want you gone because they thank you are a tyrant and you call them names and look and speak down to them and act with violence does this not then make you a tyrant?! Surely this borderline tyranny if not so already?! Surely these acts damage your country and its reputation and standing with foreign nations?!

Therefore you are NOT acting in the best interests of you country or its people?!

Like I stated previously these kinds of stories are coming thicker and faster and I feel like I have posted half a dozen using my smart phone while lying in bed?! 

Here in the UK it is no different and now looks to be getting worse.

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