Sunday, 9 June 2013


This app is useless just list loads of work and there is no spell checker?!

Hello Google!! This IS an app four posting text, is it not?!

Right start again!!

So this is the article regarding William Hague starting that law abiding citizens have nothing to fear.

That fucks up everyone in the House of Commons then?! Lmao!

Also as we are two years or more into the worst economic period in the history of mankind with no end in sight I would day law ABIDING citizens amounts to around 167 out of 60 Million and that figure is dropping, LMAO!

Does it suggest that they are effecting something is about to happen both here and stateside?!

Is it just for money or both?!

Nope yet again they have fucked everything up but this time royally so and want us to do as we are told despite no jobs, food our anything else while STILL using them taxes they can then go and lose again and return to us four and make pay.

Hmm I bet they have a giant MONOPOLY BOARD GAME in the cabinet office?! LMAO!!

So it had been admitted that American firms have gathered data, whoever it turns out to be, and from William Hagues statement the UK government too?!

Hmm now I for one am extremely interested to know what data. Please realise from the statements they have already admitted it's everyone.

Also world this class as treason?! If not it damn will should.

Now that it had been realised they have monitored everyone I am interested to know quite HOW THEY MISSED certain atrocities that have taken place?!

Also why have their not been more arrests under the terrorism act?! By their item admission there were 300 that they knew about which hinted you could add a naught to that figure?!

Monitoring everyone you should have caught 90% of them?!

Such me I found out details about three without leaving my God damn HOUSE!!

They damn well know it too. (there IS a search feature listed above and all the audio IS available to download!)

I was asked by someone to approach them with a view to work them in a slightly disjointed capacity! This way I can safely stick too being moral in my actions! LMAO!

An interesting idea while still being able to sleep at night, lol.

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