Sunday, 30 June 2013


I watched an absolutely confusing and contradictory documentary on BBC News 24 called Treasures of the Deep.

They brought up hundreds of rare shrimps that live around hyperthermal vents which are extremely rate and delicate which were all dead!

They all seemed exited and said they were doing this to list then as they were new species. They would obviously have done this with other species of animals found down there too. Hundreds of each of these species lying around dead while excited scientists gleefully waiting to study them?!

When did an appreciation and respect for life disappear in the urge to study it and log and list it do you can get you're name on a scientific paper?

The spent millions on this and the body when they could have found and listed undescribed species in their own backyard?!

It gets worse as the discovery of large quantities of metals like copper and mercury had now attracted the attention of a great mining company who will now go down and RAPE the sea floor, killing everything in sight for money.

More fecking annoying of this is miles below the sea and they are called hydrothermal vents for a reason! This is a surface of the planet we know nothing about and obviously plays a major role with the sea. It also products lots of heat and if closer to the centre of the Earth and therefore the magma core than anywhere else.

It is the biggest recipe for disaster I have ever heard of in decades and by done stretch too!!

The Large Hadron Collider worried many people but not me. There was a belief that it could cause the ends of the world by creating a black hole and was even a program about this. I was not and the trouble with scare mongers is that you end up with a Peter and the Wolf scenario and these people end up bring the harbingers of death they have been trying so hard to avoid?!

So now scientists have discovered the wonders of life at the sea floor and no sonnet had it been discovered that a greedy corporation are now going to rape as much of it as they can?!

What made me laugh is how they stated they could do this without destroying anything?!

FECK OFF WILL YOU?! Good the majority of people must be either really dumb, self obsessed (until realisation that a greedy company it's now threatening their existence and it's too late) or all sadists or possibly extreme anarchists.

Hmm maybe a mix of all the above?!

I do now wonder if these stupid and narrow visioned scientists have had these excursions paid for by the very companies that are looking for something to plunder and know that these narrow minded and do called scientists will just report everything they find, rather naively, before sending in the bulldozers?!

My God what a sorry state of affairs scientists get themselves in and make themselves look so stupid and naive as to how the real world looks.

The only thing that matched all this is how the documentary was reported as if going to be watched by children about 7 to 10 years of age and who did not ask how the study was funded, like by the mining company per chance?!

My word!!

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