Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Well you can not expose your head from the safety of your home without being hit square on the face with yet more revelations?!

On think the word revelations send to be the apt word in this case what with one group of previously over zealous religious visitors to but give stating that 'it is like devil worshipers are running this country'.

Not surprising at all to me to hear this about the Police. Unfortunately for them it was incompetent to even do the two things they have now been exposed to doing?!

In fact the full implications of even the last one concerning the cover up over Hillsborough if yet to have been realised and now this?!

I only needed one officer to visit my house after a while bunch of brain dead paper bag Police who actually argued with be like out was I that was dunce?!


Ooh wait a minute I forgot how I had to explain about tax fraud, actually and physical bodily harm assault and lastly thirty minutes explaining why and how hard tap water kills insectivorous plants?!

Ohh dear, but the key comment was the Met Police turning up to take a statement only they obviously were not as there was only one copper!

He also was impatient and did not want to be there and made really lame excuses and lies for everything I said.

Of course the things I am always looking out for is not WHAT THEY ASK but instead WHAT THEY DO NOT ASK that tells you all you need to know!

I can only imagine the disappointment, shock, disgust, ire, confusion and last but not least...RAGE that will be felt by so many over this?!

Many institutions I can honestly say would find it a challenge to present the public with an individual that is not a disgrace to the uniform or institution they are meant to represent and have turned the various words and acronyms of these institutions into objects that fill people withe hate, fear and dread on an ever increasing scale?!

I think I have said several times throughout this blog and because, and likely explained, it was repeatedly said to me...

... I have been too honest a person to get a career with any of these as well as probably being smart enough to have them WORRIED about it.

Well I only wish Ken was alive today if only to see how right on the money he was!

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