Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Well this will bring about laughs with a friend of mine as we were just chatting about this yesterday.
How in the world can you put a series like this on TV?! Oddly the BBC News made remarks about excuses for not getting a TV Licence which is not only biased, because of the two reasons they gave, but could hardly be called impartial could it?!
The BBC had really become nothing short if a joke when you consider that they were quoted as saying they were shocked by Stuart Hall's crimes when they spent 30 years our not making jokes about Jimmy Savile?!
As for the series The Call Centre this for newer was a step too far. Not only did it look utter garbage and the worst if a long line if shit reality shows and talent scouting shows but based on a company in an industry the public loathes! Joking around in the clips and making out they are a family while making phone calls to annoy people and I guess to get money out of people?!
I do not know what Angela Rippon did but it must have been really bad for her to be forced to apologise?! I cannot really see a situation where she would need to apologise though I have not seen it admittedly.
I don't know what I am more worried about...the mindless simpleton widespread nature of the public that watch these ever growing programs if mindless drivel our the fact that the TV networks seem to be making ever more of them.
I say mindless because there is more in the world than watching the idle chatter of people with very little to talk about and the embarrassing ones demented and longing to be a talent and famous when they do not possess an ounce of it?!
God my spine shivers at the thought to the depraved depths we are heading into.

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