Monday, 3 June 2013


Funny thing this it really is.

I can't claim to be any kind of expert of this subject as I do not possess all the facts.

Despite saying this I can give opinions on what I do know about this and the claims I heard being made.

First off someone recently stated in an interview that he put lives at stake. Well I am pretty sure that on most occasions the powers that be actually were guilty of this themselves because if this blasais attitude towards foreign people while sticking their noses into the affairs of others.

Now I have stated before that you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. So DON'T!! When you know this is the case before you start as everyone else in the western world already knows then it looks like you're up to something.

Oddly this same attitude I have now felt myself and everyone tells me that the yanks run this country and I still do not know to what end or what extent Serco actually do this?! But that same attitude seems to be there and I've witnessed this from the Police, NHS, local Councils and even Shop Direct and more precisely their mail order catalogues and Very in particular.

This then follows on to my focus on Credit Reference companies and Ombudsman both of which you can either do nothing about. Or they take no action even when presented our informed of unquestionable evidence to back up my claims.

They know they are ripping off the public and do not bar an eyelid even when told of awareness if the fact along with evidence. I have not even been asked for 90% of the evidence I have here and this is not all that I have.

Well sorry but you cannot make a decision to do nothing without even perusing and studying the evidence that had been made aware to you?!

It is that simple. It also means that these organisations do nothing and this is rife is do many offices that cost a fortune it's frightening on so many levels it is unbelievable.

Compared to this the welfare state is mere Monopoly Money in comparison and I do not even need to make a list of all the organisations?!

Bradley Manning was obviously very uncomfortable with what he discovered and he did something that was inconceivable and utterly unimaginable. So his reasons were pretty strong to do this.

But this modern day attitude to be amoral but appear otherwise and screw every country and it's people for every penny it's got seems to even affect the public of the nation responsible. The USA.

There are a number of countries I have admired and dreamed about for as long as I can remember. But many have this dark side that is a shame and I wish they did not have. It let's the side down for then so to speak.

The real weird part of all this though if the fact that this will never work indefinitely and eventually will come around to bite them in the arse?!

It is inevitable and charades are always revealed for what they are eventually. I could use Bradley Manning as a prone example of this but what he did seems on face value to be the most unexpected and bravest, not to mention craziest, way of divulging this to the world that it would be simply a lie to try and claim this was bound to happen and I had been waiting for it!

In other words yes I did expect these details to surface but not like this, not sikh from one man and from within the army itself?!

I think it's high time that an age old saying is bought home to roost and our into practice along with some reality pie?!

Your problems and solutions to them cute at home and bit in the deserts of some far away land. They need to pull out and bloody will stay out of overseas affairs for a period that should last at least a decade.

America and Europe are not the global Police, Health Service and Diplomats of the world. The United Nations exists for that and in all honesty that is another organisation that has looked ineffective.

Someone had a civil war and someone I the west goes in and supposedly sorts it out it makes it worse. Eventually trip Niue factions rise to against each other and it just keeps on happening.

Ultimately this means your not helping so don't do it.

People are bow suffering at home while factions are rising against each other while the powers that be. The same so quick to lecture others on how to run a country are ignoring the running of their own while hate and anger is simmering towards boiling point while they stock their heads in the sands.

There are yet more age old sayings that applies in these cases...

Get A Grip

Get Your House In Order

Charity Begins At Home

These need to be shown to register in the Psyche of a countries governments so that these factions can see your willingness to deal with the problems.

That last paragraph alone will cool the blood of those in a high simmer. That should buy you time to genuinely deal with it.

Keep your heads buried in the sand and when you decide to outlook them out again and the carnage you will find may well shock you and if so remember that it is on you and I for one would not relish the history books your great grandchildren would read to see how their own fore fathers walked blindly our even deliberately orchestrated one of the worst periods in modern times.

No I certainly would not want HISTORY to look back on be in such a bad light. All because I wanted cash for a moat, duck island, latest flat screen tv or Porsche with all the trimmings?!

No siree, not me!

In the meantime the trial of Bradley Manning is just going to show that America, it's government and Army Generals think it's perfectly OK to lie, cheat and treat the citizens if other countries as just slaves you can pump for cash until it's gone and them outrace to rot in the gutters with no help whatsoever.

That is the reality of the appearance and signals they are giving out to the world...

..all the WRONG SIGNALS.

Yes the latter half if 2013 is going to be quite revealing in more ways than TEN, lol.

Let's hope it gets better faster after that.

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