Tuesday, 25 June 2013


And we are back to the fleeing hero?!

Yes here we go and rather bizarrely not even hiding the fact that they were performing threat acts on innocent members of the public of OTHER countries but their diplomats too?!

Tossers who vision on others being bigger tossers therefore out is OK to do some dreadful things towards everyone else and innocent people because we have carte-Blanche to duo whatever ewer want but will lock you up if you do much as curse?!

They do not even care how their attitude appears and for me this is utter incompetence beyond measure as they are going to lose much of the friends they had and no one will trust them anymore.

I certainly would think twice about ever giving then the benefit of the doubt our anyone else who starts to throw their weight around like they are 'the master race'?!

I mean has anyone else had this master race impression from the blasais attitude to all that they have done?!
Seems to be toning off on is and has been for sometime now and I wonder how many Americans work be in powerful positions on the UK in about 3 years time?!
Did not think it wise of Barack Obama to user the phrase pursuing all legal channels in pursuit of him?! Making hon sound like Assad our Hussein or done other evil figure performing cruelty upon humanity?!
He did something, it's done...get over it!

A man that acted based on the thought that what they and he read doing was immoral and possible illegal and shadowy innocent members of the public?!

Now making strong statements that these actions are their God given right to do when they have didn't months screaming to the media about China listening in?!

You fucking could not make this shit up, you really could not!!

They complain that a country that is NOT by any stretch a close ally is spying on them when America is doing the same not just to the Chinese but there closest allies in Britain as well as Europe?!

Sorry but the words 'MASTER RACE' keeps ringing on my ears and the largest problem with these words and possible labelling is immediately obvious but my mind is already thinking that this obvious thing was USED by the snoops to be able to act like this. After all who would dream of giving then such a label?! Not current but maybe BEFORE the last election yes, but now?!

God knows where this will go next but I am sure out well reveal a great number of things.

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