Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Oh it helped you stage of terror attacks did it?!

Your so full of shit!


First off your arrested a load of wrong people, missed a few that performed their crap. Arrested the two cells on Manchester and Birmingham...ooh wait I told your about the existence of those sure to two idiots in Liverpool living 5 minute walk from Lime Street Station you obviously knew nothing about when you called me 10 hours after I arrived in the area, not where you expected me to and 8 months after I sent you all the data!

What did tit think I did not know.

Now as mad as that sounds to the reader I apologise as I can not make it any less crazy sounding than it is.

I have now put in the search function on this blog. For secret recordings that involve the Police try the following search words...


Secret audio

Police recording



Then you can download and listen to whatever you want, lol.

I did say I speak from experience, hehe.

Now that I have mentioned the search box you can try...




WIRRAL COUNCIL (who knew about the...tiny cell at lime street)

Umm Very, Littlewoods, Argos, Nikon

Just about anyone who has need reported to be corrupt recent you will be surprised that I have mentioned months ago. Most of the time I have documentation, email and the aforementioned audio recordings going back this blog STARTED!

Emails kept and logged too. Just about everything I could get together and items going back to 2003.

All the times I've tried to get the NHS to deal with my physical pain that occurs on half my body. Only now after 12 of along I finally get a drug that seems to work on many of them?! Gabapentin!

However when i did the above I was not on the drugs and got must of the evidence I sent to GCHQ and MI5 without leaving my house!

I even had two detectives come all the 250 miles from Liverpool and takes on my living room for 5 hours!!

Sound incredible? Sound insane?!

Yep well there is that search box you're in police audio and listen to the while conversation and then repeatedly lying and making promises they later break and them litre about again!

I said I have done a great deal.

I said I had been through alot on previous posts.

You really have no idea but check out the freer to download audio and you will just BEGIN to.

Happy listening and reading but, and trust me on this, make SURE you are on a seated position and women should have a box of Kleenex nearby.

Stiff drink may help?!

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