Sunday, 16 June 2013


I got quite angry today as I was flicking through the Daily Star on Sunday when I saw a report that stated that there was secret recordings going on at prisons for those Muslims locked up for being radicals.

Great Daily Star on Sunday so now they will find this widely available knowledge out and find another way to plot to kill innocent people?!

I take a grewat deal of pills but none of them a STUPID PILL!!

Jesus Christ the media are so quick and so reaction like to go and point the finger at anyone to blame for harming innocent people and they just helped out those who would plot to kill these innocent people?!

Did it occur to them that they might just have helped them change their plotting tactics to make their next terror attack a successful one?!

Therefore the Daily Star on Sunday could be responsible for the successful plotting and planning of the next attack and loss of lives?!

Man alive!! Was stupid and irresponsible and I am blown away that you would not only report this but ignore THE FOUR DVDs I sent you?!

Gobsmacked would be an understatement!

No wonder they took no notice of the evidence I gave them they are all a bunch of bloody dunces?!

I wonder then that I can now draw this conclusion for all the tabloids I sent it all too and all of THE FOUR DVDs that I sent out to them?!

Maybe it is not the government with a tight grip on their gonads but instead an entire industry of individuals on TV trying to fool the public into thinking things they are not?!

I will be honest it is this thought and conclusion that springs to mind the most on the rare occasions I get to witness them speaking. Whether it is about Business, Sport, Politics and even Political Correctness they are often way off the mark and do not sound anywhere near competent on the issues they speak about.

I do not think that all are this way and if I sat down and thought hard enough there my well be a shortlist of those I think competent but for the most part they just string together the words and acronyms appropriate to the field they are paid to report on and just SOUND like they are experienced and knowedgeable on these areas.

Odd how none seem to be able to predict it when the floor is about to disappear from under certain industries so it is all just best guess a bit like scientists then. But scientists then get to PROVE their theories before being told to shut up by governments unless there is something in it to get money for nothing via needless taxes that have become nothing more or less than that of THEFT!

And THEY lecture US on breaking the law and thieving?!

Over confident MORONS, lmao.

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