Saturday, 15 June 2013


Well processed this and posted it up a little earlier than I expected.

Partly due to the predicted light cloudy day have extremely black clouds lurking around and still a bit of a breeze whipping up out there?!

You know for a cyclist, and one without a damnable list of physical pains, wind is the first and foremost pain in the arse as cycling against it often makes it seem like you are cycling up a steep hill that goes on forever!

Add rain the mix and you will take one glance and say NO! Lol.

So here is the audio recorded at the BMI King's Oak Hospital in Chase Farm Hospital. I chose this one as I thought they might have a different attitude. On entering the building and taking a seat in the waiting room I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw and thought that this very idea would actually become a reality and therefore a good decision.

Confused? Yeah me too!!

Started to wonder if I was going to get billed upon leaving especially after hearing patients being told they will be invoiced, lol.

I also do, will and will always maintain that this pain is nothing to do with 'your other problems' as he more or less put it.

Because it does not feel like it, comes and goes all the time and added to that was a period of about a week when I was out and about after recovering that I did not feel any pain.

Indeed I can remember exactly how and when it started and PRECISELY my location when it started which I have just realised I have never been asked about by anyone.

Lancaster Road in Enfield when I wrongly and automatically tried to run about 30 yards for a bus a I missed as I pulled up with a sudden and sharp pain in my right groin.

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