Sunday, 30 June 2013


Well here we go again?!

I could not believe that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood got voted in to begin with?!

I did think st the time that I could not see this lasting and that he would act more like a dictator and there would be another set of protests for him to go.

I did not think out would happen is as little as twelve bloody months though?!

Why did they vote him in to begin with?! Did members of the Muslim Brotherhood scare others from standing for election?!

Morsi was one of the protesters against his predecessor and protested that he did not go when enough people were calling him to?

Err hang on a minute?! There looks to be hundreds of thousands on the infamous square protesting and calling for him to go?!

That makes him a hypocrit if the worst possible kind and shows that his group cannot be trusted. No wait I think they have already given their own people that impression anyway?!

Not too good at this politics malarkey are they?! Well when you consider that it is a democracy if they are not vet good st it and appear to not be bothered to bring good at it would that then not imply they were really intending to be a dictatorship?!


Not good that protestors have now died during all this!

When will governments EVER REALISE that unless they can control these things without civilians dying it will only serve to infuriate the protestors more?!  This give even more people cause to come out and join the ever growing masses and then you have a civil war?! Again?!

I really wish many in the middle east can rid themselves of their weaknesses and weaknesses is exactly what they are make no mistake about it.

For instance...

Obsession with forcing their will upon others

Doing work that can only be associated with the Devil and claim it is for God

Uncontrollable anger over things that cannot possibly be proved leading to the burning of effigies which I find very disturbing and not the actions of peaceful, competent a reasonable race or culture.

Obsession with money and in one area no matter how much they have remain tight with it. What DO they think all this money that they do not spend or use to help anyone is going to do for them?! Are there secret special prizes that get every bigger and much more scarce st key milestones of tens of, hundreds of and millions of dollars?!

I am related to my grandfather who has been unhelpful, not supportive and tight in ways that you would not believe that can lead to members of you're own family disowning you?! Sitting on over half a million and relatives wanting nothing to do with.....oh OK then it is I that edge nothing to do with him or his money as he lives to keep reminding everyone about it.

Only now other members of the family are now finding out what that is like and are becoming increasingly frustrated with him! So I was told anyway, lol.

The fact if that some races have some infuriating ways about them, leaving the ones with that master race attitude alone lol, and no one is allowed to speak about it.

The fact if this is no different to a man and a wife having differences and I must point out that if sexism comes into the equation it can work in both directions. It cannot be argued that it cannot because that would mean there is no such thing! But if it's a differing opinion when skin colour is involved suddenly it is racism.

The trouble is the word racism had been banded about a but too liberally by certain factions and when you ate out in a position where your scared to day anything for being labelled as something then the frustrations become bottled up.

Now the idiots and the tossers of the politically correct faction are fecking incompetent because what they actually achieve if to make people even MORE racist, our more hatred, than they had when they had their mouths stapled shut and even the ones that were not now become racist!

It's a natural human emotion and we are not robots. This enforcing of this way of thinking, along with the corruption that is rife, now seems to be presented to us on the media like they are saying 'well this of how it is and how it is supposed to be done!' to which I would say 'will how the FECK would YOU KNOW and where did you acquire this divine right?!'

I would then launch into a lecture they works never forget about how they have bought about the very train of thought among the wider public they have tried so hard to stamp out?!

This is no different to what is going on in the middle east and when Iran and Israel are at serious odd with each other that name calling and accusations fly no one utters the word racism or racist when that is exactly what is going on there?!

Two races and culture are st odd with each other because of their BELIEFS, greed, differences in behaviour and all manner of other things.

The weird racism came about when people were called names, beaten up, lives made s living hell, cast out, banished, tested like a second class citizen or even killed for being DIFFERENT!

Today though it is flung up all the time and not a week goes by when it is not used once up to half a dozen times in the media. The scared to speak ones are secretly festering a hatred to all this and ski fed you that they are getting up to a boiling point that well blue the lids off.

All managed, governed and brought about by the PC morons and the governments with Councils right st the to of the list!

Out of touch, incompetent and clueless and I cannot remember a time when there WAS anyone competent enough which is a crying shame.

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