Sunday, 9 June 2013


Now let us see what the powers that did this will do to him?!

Nothing I am going but just remember they claim they acted in our interests but did it on secret.

He did the same and divulged it all and declared his own name.

The FACTS speak for themselves so any action taken against gin will be based on greed, money, power and therefore lies and not in our interests.

So if they act against him it will be absolutely clear and back up what I have stated all along in my blog!

So the hero is named as Edward Snowden and THAT is what you call a whistleblower!! An ex, will would be now,  CIA employee.

My faith in human nature is being gradually restored little by little. An American too?! Good on you Edward, you deserve a medal for your honesty as well as your compassion towards your fellow humans. Let us hope they live up to you're worthy actions?! Yep a step closer to becoming a normal world from the shit home that these governments have created but want to blame on everyone else but themselves.

But there is one hell of a long way to go yet!

I have heard nothing as yet about the American public being spied upon! If so I bet that starts one hell if a shit storm?!

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