Thursday, 6 June 2013


I should have seen this one coming!

I have to eat and drink each time I am out the house and outside of the plainly obvious I have to take pills.

Now done might argue they you only need liquid to take the pills and I would respond that you have obviously lived a sheltered life and know nothing about drugs.

Anyone who is ANYONE knows that if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach you get drunk a great deal faster. Alcohol is not a prescription drug and there are many that can have a greater effect than alcohol!

I should know as I now take TWO of them and having difficulties. Factor in that I am not supposed to confine caffeine and supposed to consume HEALTHY foods and it becomes difficult.

The food is often a bar of chocolate which is hardly enough but the just readily available and nice with the right drinks.

What I have found so very odd whenever I'm in a sweet shop or newsagents is how similar the prices on chocolate is.

Drinks can range from an Emerge which is a cheap Red Bull that tastes identical and at 37p, it was 35p, is a third of the price of the better known brand. I do like Afrimalt but it's rate to find and I used Lucozade to stop taking stimulants only I found it a few days so even THIS contains caffeine?!

So bars of chocolate always seem to be around the 70p mark regardless of type of manufacturer?! While a can of drink ranges from 37p to £1.50 odd.

But I have had so many bigger issues and goals that the price of chocolate was never given any credence in all honesty.

Odd then that many of mine were ignored, until they miraculously found similar stories eventually and elsewhere, and now chocolate gets mainstream news despite it being discovered in Canada, lol?!

The Media readily does work in mysterious ways?!

Now that The Competition Bureau has uncovered this one had to ask oneself when it will stop?!

The odd thing I find is that this had obviously give on for some time now which means two things have occurred to me...

1) Have they not thought that families who are already angry are thing to REACT over this?!

2) The very idea of a capitalist society is in essence one based on competition and still this price fixing is hypocritical of the owners?!

I find it all mind bogglingly hypocritical, unless all there staff member receive the save salary of course?!

To me price fixing assures they ahh stay in business together and with get a profit. So the consumers lose out and as suggested in the accusations is against the rules of competition.

So it seems to be that owners of large scale businesses want to change the rules as and when it suits them.

Also I could accuse them if being so greedy and becoming so large that they end up becoming scared of running companies that size.  This underlines the newly found fact that not only is the too big to fail dead and buried but by their own admittance sure to their own actions the higher they were the more likely they are to FAIL!

Yet now a week passes by where you do NOT see a business report of one too big a company trying to but out another too big a company to become a far, far too big a company that the public will have to fork out for written it DOES fail?!

The levels if hypocrisy stretch out into the inter galaxies realms of nothingness between large spinning spirals while the owners snicker in the corner?!

Hmm think I got two or three chocolate bar jokes in there?!


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