Saturday, 22 June 2013


I had one task and one goal when I decided to extend my blogs to achieve my goals, a better tomorrow! The usual paths that most would take were shut I my face but I am not one you should reveal an aloof attitude to! The Internet was an exiting and wondrous thing when I first used out despite its seedy side. Unfortunately both of these were to get far worse over the coming years! The seedy side become more seedy and more depraved while the rest of it was suddenly spotted by big companies who thought they could get up to all kinds of tricks both old and new and drive its to despair while emptying our pockets and wallets! Today most of these cash be found by simply choosing one and then employing the seemingly easy task of finding their contact details and then see if their email address is listed. Ooh email, don't you just love it. The way of the future for communicating and had postal firms scared stuff who say in their laurels. Ooh I'm sorry I meant rested, did not want to insinuate that a company was lazy as well as greedy, lol. But no before long the big players starred to become bullies by way of making accordions and removing a free and easy way to communicate with them. Defending yourself against false accusations especially those that associated punishments became a regular manifestation to ire in all. Algorithms were dreamt up everywhere by college and university leavers who were wet behind the ears when it came to everything else abs real life especially. I was one of those university leavers with done differences...i was NOT west behind the ears and a mature student to boot. There was one other thing my college lecturer discovered one day and other wet behind the eat algorithm coders could not do... I see patterns in numbers with no pen, paper or computer within reach. Once everyone had their figures in I was asked how I did it as we were told it was impossible and that algebra, which I WAS good at but had forgotten ten years earlier, to do. I explained to a room that failed to contain a single pair of touching lips. I am still doing this today and despite the tabloids and news media not even answering their doors to any of this I came a blogging and yet again the numbers of no distant relation stated to appear yet again. I had to ask myself why these patterns of numbers would emerge without being pre-warned or post-warned as to why this is and with the overly confident and arrogant attitude by code writers that these patterns would be spotted by anyone. To blog writers if they had been aware of the whys and ever how's they may have been able to capitalise on this but no. Can you ask them? Well of course not now pay attention Mr Bond?! After all every avenue I traversed had the potential to reveal to me its own dark areas and if my cause was mainly corruption then I would have to pay attention and ask the awkward questions?! I pretty much knew that looking around online world reveal more corruption but it has been more than I anticipated! Also it was bound to happen that there would be news reports and that as the media states the public, or I to be more correct, have the RIGHT TO KNOW. So I have the right to an opinion on it and a right to cast said opinion. I also have the right to back that up with PROOF of the reports. Otherwise I could be seen or interpreted as a blithering idiot with wild effusions if no foundation whatsoever. Ooh no I was not going to have that at all! So I used the things I have A RIGHT TO KNOW IN THEIR OWN WORDS to back myself up and get through some of the less mainstream reports, in their opinion, to the more widespread public to which I disagree and think more relevant to the wider public. Discounting those that see the news s no as an avenue to the latest celebrity gossip of course and therefore brain dead and beyond reach! Corruption is corruption no matter now big more how small and the big had to start off as small in the beginning?! One person doing one small and insignificant thing is not so insignificant when enough people do it! So of course it is not only numbers but people to and as real life is not a wet behind the ears and alien notion to me and this us an understatement. Professionals have a predetermined view of me and do not even bother to 'take a view' which dyes them a disservice on most occasions by showing me they are not as intelligent as they sound our like to think! To me this is ultimately deadly indeed and of course I will use it against them and run rings round them. Indeed even a bit if humour after the seconds visit that followed something you said to make then remember you in the first and a joke about a suspicion if what really goes on, that they would be realistically aware of, and laughing with an admittance is fairly common. Other times it is just awkward bodily shifting along with averting the eyes that reveals the truth to me. So there you have it for another part. Another explanation out cat out of the bag. Releasing these things a little by little by little not only explains why but also how I do the things I do and have indeed done. You will also see by now that I have been doing this a very long time and I have had to treat everyone as a suspect or enemy long before the media listed all the above as not being able to be trusted. So I had hoped that many others that already have the means and the ability in their pockets by use of a device mostly underused anyway and stated of an amazing but simple device to speak to another individual. The mobile phone or more accurately today smart phones are vastly underused despite the fact that the manufacturers and telecoms networks want to remove certain uses of the devices despite the vastly over the top prices they charge you! Oh dear it really is everywhere I look and even the smart phone I use right now has told me several stories alone. Stories I then had to set out to turn into the facts I knew them to be?! Oh how ready it could be to be simply taken for my word without a queue of people, companies and public offices who would like to shut me up. At the end of all this, or near the end, I already have a rough title to get a very clear message across to one and all no matter how dark the hiding places! In time, in time.

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