Thursday, 14 August 2014


Oh dear.

Oh deary, deary me!

Now there is yet another name in the list that goes about the Internet as someone extraordinarily famous being involved in the paedophile ring! This time it is none other than Cliff Richard and yet someone else with a knighthood!

I receieved a phonecall about this one from a mate hysterical with laughter, only in that it is looking promising now that the evil doers will not get away with it. For a long time I have explained how corrupt our society is and how far up it goes, though even I failed to realise just how high! Now many of the people who are honest, genuine and decent people who have been seemingly held ate the bottom of the ladders are now gleeful every time something like this breaks because it is a sign that things will change for the better for once!

It is a sorry state of affairs that the country that emerged from the second world war in 1945 finds itself in the cesspit from hell that it now is.

At least now things are changing and after watching the Internet do a great deal of harm and a hiding place for the depraved, as it has long been seen, it now is redeeming itself why allowing a network of information that will never be stopped and never be defeated!

Though I have absolutely no doubt that many will try?!

Also there is one more little thing I want to add here and that is that the media often likes to state that when something is in the public domain they can they report on it? Well I can tell you that there is a lot of things in the public domain and the list of names that I and many others have been privy to seems to be unfolding as being spot on when it comes to being the actual genuine list of names?!

Now we can so only one name that is higher up than that of Cliff Richard and it is the one name that if released will not only completely surprise me but will really blow the lid on it all and the American News Media will go nuts over that one!

Also I am really surprised at how each time one of these stories breaks they seem to just have to announce that it is nothing to do with Operation Yewtree?! That is very peculiar indeed and has been stated so many times that I wonder exactly what Operation Yewtree has been doing all this time?! I do not know but maybe Stuart Hall was one of those names but the only time I ever see it mentioned is in the claim that whoever the latest one is to be arrested, charged or sent to prison is nothing to do with that particular Police Operation?!

Bizarre indeed!

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