Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Now it is time to post a part two to Ombudsmen but has a few others besides thrown in for good measure to do with requesting help from outside organisations. The IPCC are included in this one!

In this mix of Ombudsman tomfoolery as advice agencies and instead of giving them their own post I have simply thrown them in with the former. I think this was because I did not feel they merited a post on their own and not really worthy of scrutiny. Complaints yes, as far in as to what faction of society they only seem to help, but corruption scrutiny no.

Unless others have facts to the contrary regarding any sources they receive money from that is, after they they do not run on fresh air.

There should be the odd governing bodies too.

I stated before in a previous post on this that during all my involvements regarding public services like Local Councils, the Police, the DWP and Atos, the NHS and various Hospitals and GP Surgeries along with a variety of retail outlets that I approached a great many ombudsmen I was absolutely sure would do very little if anything at all.

Like everything else I collected the best evidence possible so not only did I have all the necessary documentation where I led many into a trap to put down as much in letters and emails as I could possibly get them to do I also secretly recorded them too!

Much of this took very little in the way of leading while others required some … inventive measures indeed.

So here is part two of the ombudsman and help agencies lot..

(over used and faulty Motorola Atrix From Very Catalogue) ...

ICE or Independent Case Examiners of the DWP ...

Recording ...

Replies ...

*GROAN* I just realised I have no email screenshots for ICE and wonder how many others I have now missed?! Damn it! LOL!

IPCC or Independent Police Complaints Commission .. 

First up is a link to the letter I sent to Merseyside Police's John Middleton regarding the fact that I was aware they were lying and was contacting the IPCC...

I did not realise at the time just how toothless and pointless all the Ombudsmen were and started to wonder why they were paid at all after this.

Letters to the IPCC ..

Various Replies ...

Members of Parliament (MP) 

Odd I only seem to have two digitised ones and I am sure I have three or four of these?!

Citizen's Advice and others ...

EDA of DIAP (Enfield Disability umm something within the Disability In Action .. errr ... something?!) LOL

Do not know if it is true or not but someone told me that this had closed down?

There are a few missing from this and I do believe and have only just recalled that I recorded this meeting I had with them?! I only had one meeting and it was clear that they did not know nearly enough about anyone.

Plus here is the only one that is ongoing and you siply cannot chase them all up I am afraid to say and they bank on that too ... ther more they feck you off the more you end up getting buried in many others that come along while they sit on their fat arses earning career money to a non-career and non-active position.

Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman or PHSO ..

Now I have written off to those that the PHSO told me, and took 'X' (cannot be bothered to look same old crap) amount of months to tell me, to and yet I have heard nothing back from them. I wrote to letters I believe or one letter and one email, I cannot recall but would have posted about it on here not long ago. A few weeks back?

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