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Well I did not post about this straight away due to being tired, not that bothered about it and feeling extremely nauseous and wanting to vomit. Again!

Anyhoo I actually registered with a new GP Surgery and yesterday I had my first appointment with him. Seemed an OK guy but I have made this mistake several times before so let us just see how it unfolds.

Anyway we had a chat ... I told him what had gone on to several raised eyebrows. Interestingly he stated that he preferred top prescribe Gabapentin because it is more 'customisable' for want of a better term. I take it he means that with 2700mg being the maximum daily dose then you have plenty of leeway to tailor it.

However when you have reached 900mg daily and its working but not as well as you would have liked then there is no leeway and this is the part that previous Doctors have failed to realise when trying to lie to me about taking Gabapentin instead of Pregabailin. I do not really care much for the osage size and tailoring its a matter of whether or not it works without making me extremely nauseous?

Of course this is the other problem that was totally ignored, like informing them they had been lying to their patients without batting an eyelid. This is a shocking, totally shocking attitude to take.

Guys Hospital Appointment ... (Yes you can have Pregabalin, Knee Test where I scream out and get separate diagnosis for it!)

Dr Kumar Appointment followiung Guy's Hospital (second attempt AFTER I received letter from Guy's Hospital ...

Now just to round it up and only three recordings out of many dozens and really to put it in one place to help people and show what I have done and for the most naive and the most stubborn ...

Darren Francis at Chase Farm Hospital being confronted by me that he was lying and falsifying an ultrasound scan that revealed that it was not totally clear like he states but that does show a large black lump in the area I attended for as it hurts and a surprise scan of the left side shows a second hernia just as Martin Klein predicted I would get when he placed a mesh in the right side hernia repair! ...

Hmm not sure which one it is?! Should be the one above but I have both appointments recorded so here is what should be the first one ...

In the publicly shared folder I use in this Cloud Service there are 108 recordings!! One hundred and eight and this is just one of several cloud storage services I use ...

Not all my recordings are on cloud storages either and in all honesty I lost track of a great many good ones which I now know to be the Fibrofog symptom of my Fibromyalgia and one of two main reasons I started to document and record everything, the other that I was being lied to, misled and mostly fobbed off.

Hmm right now then here is a weird one ... the new GP asked to see the letter from Guy's Hospital and I did say it was odd as it would just turn up with the notes. He said that this would just save time and lo and behold I cannot find the damn thing!!

I have found all others and have no less than FOUR to do with Guy's Hospital and quite why there are five all told I do not know. Also I have noticed that I was booked to see a Dr T. Gibson and yet on the day I saw a Dr Kirkham instead?! I have no recollection of being informed that the Doctor I was booked to see was off for whatever reason and lets not forget that Dr Kirkham had not heard of Sodium oxybate?!

Anyhoo here is a snapshot of the Guy's Hospital; letters I did find and now I will have to look back at the previous posts on here to grab the diagnosis letter ...

Aha! Found it at the third attempt! Good God I have three separate search terms for Guy's Hospital in the search criteria, or rather TAGS, lol!

Now there are a great deal more like this and just for the NHS alone.

This is just one and easy for me because recent and I can find them all easy enough ... ahem ... and place them all on here in one place.

Two separate situations of which there are more of the NHS up to their lies and corruption to miselad and leave patients suffering while they all pay themselves far too much money until the NHS collapses and then they all start getting even more money by privatizing it!

A plan that has been in the pipeline for a very. VERY long time indeed!

It has taken me six years from the start of intending to do this to get to this point! I have known about it for a great deal longer than that I can assure you.

Of course as much as I have on the ...

NHS, as stated this being a tiny fraction, there are others too involving ...

Mersyside Police
Metropolitan Police
Major British Media Networks
Four Local Councils (including shocking corruption and cover up over paedophile rings and Radical Muslim Groups with some fiendish plans)
Bailiffs (Actual Bodily Harm and Grand Scale fraud of £4,000 for a £550 parking ticket, Waltham FOrest Council/JBW Group/Jason Reeves)
Home Office
Passport Office (the big reveal for that one yet to come!)
Department of Work and Pensions
Atos Healthcare which is nothing of the kind!
MI5 & GCHQ (for literally taking credit for two terror cells I handed them on a plate! Not nice!) Been offered two jobs by the latter in my life, first time around 2001 and then an email a couple months back. Sorry I only into catching bad guys and not corporate espionage and I would NOT work for the Americans and betray my own people!

There are many others in the public services I cannot think of off the top of my head but you can add all their associated Ombudsman to the list with each one I approached to see what they would do ... which was FUCK ALL and BADLY ... though INCOMPETENTLY would be a better description and you can also add the ombudsman to the following from the retails sector I also did too ...

PC World
Littlewoods Catalogue
Very Catalogue (along with Isme, Very and Littlewoods are owned by Shop Direct!)
B&Q (DIY Store)

Pause here as I think I realise why many companies are refusing to affiliate with me as my hunch was that 90% of public services and retail outlets were conning and ripping of the British public?!

That is an ESTIMATE you understand and you do not do yourselves any favours by refusing, lol, especially when I could just post up a list by Christmas of all those that have refused, including to bob companies I never even bloody heard of, lol!

Barclays Bank (Victim of PPI years before ity hot the news and I contacted many media outlets about it and got bugger all in response! Imagine how annoying it was to see this hit the news 5 years down the line?! LMAO!)

Pause here to tell you that posting this is driving me fecking crazy because Windows keeps pausing to fecking remind me for the 50,000th time my copy is no genuine like I am a bloody blithering idiot! I know its fecking not genuine I sent you the damned disk you morons!! Even with serious short term memory issues I DO NOT need to be constantly reminded and my work repeatredly bloody stopped!

Oh and to add to all that my Internet Connection, my so called fecking broadband, has stopped yet a bloody gain!! Good God I cannot wait to get a hardline with BT Infinity and do what I should have done years ago and dumped these shit and fecking greedy telecoms companies!

Before any even thinks to ask themselves, yes this ombudsman was also contacted and yet another vast organisation full of hundreds of people that think they should be paid vast salaries to do bugger all, but people hunting for jobs and even disabled people who should not be paid nothing at all! So health and welfare being attacked with the intention of privatizing them? All sounds very American? Lol!

Next post will be short and ... interesting when it comes to the NHS and local GP's in Enfield!

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