Sunday, 31 August 2014


I have to admit to raising an eyebrow to the story of Aysha who is the young boy with a tumour.

The boys parents took him and travelled to Spain and the press were all over this. What raised my eyebrow was the fact that their religion was pointed out, Jehovah's Witnesses. Everyone knows that members of this faith refuse blood transfusions because it's not in the bible. Yes it's silly because there will be many things they do that is not in the bible, like driving cars and poisoning the planet for one.

However it was the fact it was stated and was actually implying ... without actually implying.

Now the father has filmed himself and the two sorry seems to be somewhat different to that which the NHS and Police have given out.

Now there is a bloody surprise, the NHS and Police adding suspiciously?!

I for one am interested to know more about what happened and from the parents themselves.

Missing Ashya King found in Spain

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