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Tonight I heard two people who are journalists speaking on the BBC about recalling parliament regarding the treatment of people in Iraq and the headline send in the warplanes?

Yeah and how are you going to pay?! Are you going to come forward with your own cash to go into some special tax kitty to pay for this?

How is it with all the troubles the UK is in, all the money we owe, so much so that they are tricking the British public as well as testing them with contempt that there are always people willing to take things for granted?

How many countries are there that have the ability and the money to help? Why is it always Britain that has to do it? We all know how it had ended each time in the past?! Badly and in more ways than one!

It is that same culture one again causing grief, mayhem and murder and the one which was an MP in the UK seems to be doing the same? Not a good advert for her culture and not very bright to say the things she has done by suggesting that the Muslim community in the UK is so large as to influence who gets in power?!
That Warsi woman must have left her grey matter at home that day and if this does not incite rage in a whole barrage of people over the next year then she has gotten away with murder, metaphorically speaking.

The more and more people I speak to the more and more they seem to believe that the British Public is being manipulated to fight among themselves. This would be for no other reason than so that this'd that react to things like this can then be given the labels they themselves are scared of being given. As time passes I find it fascinating how people first utter these theories and then slowly become convinced by them with each time we correspond.

One cannot help but wonder where it will all end? Not in a good place I fear unless people really start to see what the facts actually are?

Through my own endeavours I have had to deal with figures and then try to figure out how long it would take for everyone to become fully informed via this blog. It cannot inform people of all, that is for sure but instead I like to think that it can inform people of enough?

Recently I was given a bizarre figure by someone that made me wonder what the hell I have been eating my time for? Instead, however, I had to tell myself there was something wrong with the figure I was given. Either that or the figures being presented to me are outages lies being intercepted or the powers that be forcing someone to change them? But then not only have I wondered this for awhile but numbers presented to me from elsewhere along with two blogs in comparison suggests something extremely smelly has been going on for some time now?

Someone on the Internet blogging for not that long and not providing anything like I have but blogs about current affairs news just as I do, minus the pictures, secret audio, movies, gets 50,000 visits per day?? I simply find that astounding and write incredible. That's the entire pullulation of the UK in less than two years?!

I do not achieve that despite all that I have done not the fact I have a dozen blogs on other subjects. So unless they are cheating with their tags or offering free stuff then the figure seems rather unbelievable. It was not the only figure that was unbelievable with the other being quite impossible based on the facts I am familiar with.

I have stated how I am affected by a huge number of symptoms on here and they are a dizzying amount to take on board. I know because I went through the list and had to do a recount as I could not believe it. Yet there were many symptoms I did not get and there is one that had been added. I also do not know if other little things I have are down to Fibromyalgia? Many things out of the 200 are gender specific meaning that as I am not a woman there were so many, guessing anywhere from a dozen and up to twenty, are not applicable to men.

So you can imagine my confusion when a chap tells me he had the worst case of Fibromyalgia and gets all 200 symptoms?!

I really hate it when people do that and state that their is the wrist case because you cannot possibly know this?! I could not dream of saying something like that I only day I would not wish my condition on the devil himself!

Over the years I have realised that you have to keep active to a degree as this stops the condition taking hold.

If you do too little the condition can get worse and the same applies if you do too much. This might not mean that if you get the balance right you are pain free! Not by a long shot! Your simply able to be mobile and this is what I have unknowingly done for a number of years now as acknowledged by the Doctor at Guy's Hospital in the recorded appointment.

Others sufferers may not have figured this out or figured out that diet plays a large part too? I did with this too, though I had disability living allowance so could purchase healthier food. Not now I can't, rather annoyingly.

So I have had some very bizarre figures that make no sense and I am not sure why the exaggeration was made to be honest. Quite why people need to over exaggerate situations I do not know but then we are treated so badly in the UK maybe people think they need to? That would not really surprise me.
Also from remarks made me it sounded like despite adverts being present they did not get paid any money?! Lol, at 50,000 visits per day?! The affiliates should all be placed against a wall and shot if this was the case! Five million in 100 days?! No money from advertising?!

This simply makes no sense whatsoever in all honesty and you could not put a billboard poster up in a small village with a couple thousand people without paying through the noise for it!

I do believe that there are some absolute piss taking going on with a great many of them and it's easy to spot because it won't be so easy to know.

For arguments sake a recent search stated that you would require 7,500 to 10,000 unique visitors per month, making the claim of 50,000 per day look silly. In my figures I could not find out how many I have?! In all I get over 10,000 per month but I some this is all visits?

Now quite why you cannot easily find the numbers on the Internet to compare with your own is a bloody mystery! It's like some huge secret and people are being deliberately vague?

So I fear that a huge, dizzying number of blog authors are being screwed over I am afraid. A lady from one affiliate I previously mentioned contacted me stated I need around 2,000 per month to get an income?! She said nothing about unique visitors!

Why they cannot put out the following formula ...


heaven only knows!!

One page did state one thing that I agreed with and that is that you should not even consider advertising for at least two years!

Still before this year is over I should be getting an idea finally and though some affiliates might claim that things are done differently from affiliate to affiliate the formula above still stands!

They have access to these numbers and are always assessing peoples behaviour online and that is something that blog writers simply have no access to. They would know what they are paying out and for what as well as to how many.

I would like to email them and ask why they cannot inform publishers of this and state that under no other circumstances, no exceptions whatsoever, would they get away with this!

It is an abuse of position and power over something that is not policed, that includes Ombudsman as they actually are in the pockets of their respective organisations or industries.

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