Friday, 1 August 2014


Well I finally got around to looking up my last bit odd research fur the time being on Fibromyalgia and it's a doozy!! A real doozy!!

This is because I have something else I needed to ask about I have noticed fur some time now. Now I did bit know what to expect but is the site if thing that works have many terrified and being many men to tears!
I seen to be acquiring what seemed like a third testicle!

Now I did boy want to say too much about this in here at I did bit want my daughter reading it and having something that to worry about!

I never got a chance to mention this to the last Doctor but then I rapidly lost confidence when they lied to me several times and then it was completely fine when they attempted to try and entrap me and threaten me on the very last appointment.

In other words probably get roof there was nothing there?!

There was!

But it's not cancer. Well that's what he said and what he did state BMW me away and what I then told him caused a raised eyebrow!

The lump, which causes the usual pain in the gonads to occur more frequently I kid you not, is caused by a Varicose Vein!! I stinky stiff there stunned and he saw my face and said "What?!" I then explained that I had a very strong suspicion now that Varicose Veins were a major link to Fibromyalgia befit then telling him I had extreme major Haemorrhoids before twisting my right leg around to show him the varicose veins on my right calf. I then explained they had been their since I was in my twenties and that my while family was rife with them! My sister had hers operated on bloody fifteen years or more ago! I do not know if they returned or not and she has had Restless Leg Syndrome too.

Boom-shalacka-boom-shalacka-boom-shalacka ... BOOM!!

That raised an eyebrow yet again!

Tonight I finally got to look up this theory and trust me when I state that I now know that there is! Below is a list of links and though the appearance of varicose veins may not always appear they certainly do a huge majority of the time and one link below states 100% in a survey?! Though it appears to be missing men completely in this survey?

I have had terrible trouble with the new and very stupid keyboard that had a bloody microphone button places right above the delete button which you stab skit in Android because typing is utter shit and Fisher Price could do a better job if typing that Google fecking do currently! Never week I purchase another fecking product that users Android!

Please note that this is another in a long list of Fibromyalgia reports, fourth of fifth I think now.
I have plenty of other mentions of the condition and full descriptions of my condition and it's symptoms long before I myself diagnosed it!

A fact that the Local Councils I have attacked on here, Bailiffs but more importantly NHS, PHSO, ATOS or the DWP have cottoned into just yet but need to in double quick time, lol!

In the following link note how a Fibromyalgia sufferer states that no one told them that Varicose Veins were linked to Fibromyalgia Syndrome?! ... (Web MD)

People speaking about link between Fibromyalgia and Varicose Veins!

Not here is a survey of people with Fibromyalgia Syndrome who have Varicose Veins ... two odd things are in this page, furs of I'd the fact that they start that it is 100% and the other that this figure is for women while men states 0, zero! Lol!
Here is a forum on a site that is EXCLUSIVELY Fibromyalgia! Need I say any more?!

This filtering link mentions spider veins but also talks about many of the other odd, annoying or night time distracting symptoms if Fibromyalgia

Another mention of Varicose Veins in yet another Fibromyalgia site!!

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