Monday, 18 August 2014


I have been contacted and shown some interest in my endeavours and my evidence. They wish to publish a vast array of things that I have acquired!

I will not mention who these people are right now. But will in a few weeks though I dare say puzzle solvers and the more inquisitive my find out for themselves before I reveal who they are.

Now oddly and after that little recent post I have been thinking about collecting all things to each organisation or industry into one place and posting in a single post?!

Now it appears that I have an incentive to actually do this now!

So what I am going to do tomorrow for several hours is compile all links and documentation into one place for each category, ... they have specifically asked for the Police and the NHS but will do more than just two, and post them in consecutive blogs. The bailiffs and those details will be there I assure you of that!

As far as the interested party is concerned trust me when I state that these are a global ... let's say brand?!

Once I have published these blogs, be it tomorrow or later in the week, I will email the list of addresses to each post and send off the email to them.

I am not entirely sure how long it will take to do the thing they do but once I have had notification of the date I will publish details in a post on the same day they do the thing they do!


Let's say that the surprise of them requesting permission to do this was enough to make me ring two people and tell them and I cannot remember the last thing that happened to name me pick up the phone?!

Its uber cool in my estimation and not many things that would be cooler!

Yes I have a smile from ear to ear, trust me on that!

Before very long there are going to be hundreds of people going to be very red faced and feel very silly indeed. I date day many will be requiring crate loads of fresh underwear too?!

A great many are going to wish they had some, dealt or listened to me a long time ago now! Well I have you plenty of chances and I did forewarn you that no matter how long it took I would win in the end! It was always going to be this way eventually because my stories would always remain the same while everyone else's would not!


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