Saturday, 2 August 2014


Ooh boy, what am odd day it has been today!

Only odd in the way I have felt ... which was the odd part and in a nutshell it was just odd on several levels and this varied from one to the other throughout the day.

First off I did get sleep and woke up a little later than I would have liked to. But I felt ... odd. I felt ... slower than normal, relaxed in a way ... a little and less pains than normal. This was very much out of the ordinary.

The feeling continued and even when leaving the house I felt less aggravation than normal and I did not feel like I was rushing like I normally do?!

I continued to feel like this while I was out and picked up a can of deodorant I had forgotten the day before, despite only needing three things, bread ... umm something else and deodorant. I forgot the deodorant! It was the main thing too for obvious reasons, lol.

I saw a friend and told him a few things and then went into my local park to pick up a bit of moss for my Milk Frogs, which I have wanted to do for weeks now!

Once I had a few handfulls I then made my way home only I started feeling rather odd. Odd because I was feeling very tired and eventually sleepy! This was as I was walking along! I started to use my walking stick and every single time I saw a flat area with grass I wanted to lay down and go to sleep?!

I was beginning to think I would fall asleep as I was walking along?! I had the walking stick now working to stop me from going over as all of me felt it just wanted to stop. Even right now while typing this up I want to just lean back and go to sleep?!


I have also lost that dreadful aching feeling in both the upper and lower legs too.

Now for those interested in my gradually increasing understanding of Fibromyalgia and the associated prescription medication I will explain that last night my medication was altered drastically.

I took 50mg of Sertraline which I had not taken now for several weeks, this was because the new Doctor thinks it will beneficial but at higher doses that 50mg and intends to raise it to 100mg after a month. Did not want to give me 100mg daily immediately for some reason.

Added to this he game me a prescription for Amitriptyline in tablets I had not realised they manufactured at 25mg. I have been slack at taking these and was only taking 10mg pills when I remembered to! Yes I even forgot to take my pills too and its bloody common! The Tramadol and Lansoprazole I take in the mornings and always remember them if I go out, forget if I don't half the time.

Your best bet is to just try hard for awhile to have a routine so it becomes habit forming. I also need to set alarms on my phones to remind me to take things, especially at night!

Also and as I stated to the Doctor I am also taking 300mg pills of Gabapentin ate night, only as I had to drop the dosage of Amitriptyline down to 10mg and the guy at Guy's stated that he wanted me to take both! On the recording he mentions about taking Gabapentin and Amitriptyline together before I state that I do not want Gabapentin because they made me seriously nauseous constantly and what with my oesophagitis and involuntary vomiting this would not be a wise idea! He then says he will write a letter to prescribe Pregabalin and, if I remember correctly and its on the tape on here anyway, that I can still take Pregabalin with Amitriptyline.

Right now I am going to look up links between Sertraline and Fibromyalgia and I have seen it stated one single time about using Sertraline for Fibomyalgia but want to know more about this.

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