Saturday, 16 August 2014


It would seem that I have to have another run in with the Police?!

Oh I am just so looking forward to that one!

It appears there might be some bad cheating going on a little closer to home than I would actually like?!
I have kind of expected it though I have to admit but did not think it would be so serious?! Did not think I would need the Police to be involved?!

Still that remains to be seen right now and just like always it revolves around money!

So there is yet another chapter to view unfold ... possibly but it is one I referred to previously and states not wanting involvement. However due to what had been going on I am fully willing to get involved and put a stop to it even if imprisonment is the result.

I still have the other issue to ... divulge on here but until I know for absolute certain that revealing it will have no negative effects I simply cannot do it. It just would not be safe to do so right now ... hmm and the Police are involved in that one too!

EDIT: Ooh the Police are going to get a much more focused post very soon and titled A Series of Peculiar Events With The Police.

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