Monday, 4 August 2014


Here is a report that quotes Gary Lineker as stating he Gibbs the FIFA Corruption scandal as nauseating.
Being a Spurs fan all my life I watched him play some amazing games and score some world class goals.
Sepp Blatter is still there. He is still in charge and FIFA is still investigating itself for corruption?!

The very notion of a company, organisation or public service that can investigate itself is utterly ridiculous. But then ombudsman are not any better either! Lol! But FIFA won't have an Ombudsman obviously.
It will become truly laughable while sending the coldest of shivers down everyone's doing once they realise just how many things have corruption running right through their very core.

Oddly I know it seems to be rife in the UK but I do wonder if we are unique? Many big retailers are international now and some global wide. Then there is the possibility that companies or even public services in other countries are squeaky clean when it comes to their ... services and handling of their own people's taxes?

God help them if they are anything like ours in the UK!

I just hope it's only us and the powers that be get a kick up the arse from other countries over the way we are treated. They did that then maybe we would be more approachable over certain issues?

I have respect die those that are heroic, honest and champion good deeds to which I have seen precious little and at best appearing to be no more than tokenism.

Lineker 'sickened' by corruption claims

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