Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I gave up telling public services, not interested in even what the smartest members of the public had to say, to wake up to IT years ago.

Over a decade later and now a report appears, better late than never eh BBC, suggesting they are clueless to the technology, well they are, and do something about it.

What I found interesting is that they referred to the people they would need to employ as 'Digital Ministers'. On the one hand it seems a little odd but on the other a little obvious. But over a decade after they needed to and five years into a recession, I'm not counting here, and right in the middle of the people of Scotland being ripped down the middle over one man's whims!

Actually now that I typed that I cannot help thinking that just add things in Ireland become more peaceful Scotland are starting to look like they might become the next area for a long term civil war?! Let us pray that, as with the IRA, bombs don't become the tool of choice over this difference of opinion.

I also note that the promise of extra powers and money has not gone down well back in England! I see members of parliament are expressed their disagreement and no doubt fury at times. I suppose I should have seen that coming really and I know that everyone I speak to over the next few months are also going to disagree with this.

It is going to be one mad run up to Christmas this year! One I fear may be talked about a fair deal in the history books of the future about how they got it all wrong along with the real people to blame. Oddly I have thought about the real culprits for a very long time ... years and years in fact. There is something I often think about with this small group that goes beyond the usual 'they are cut from reality' excuses. No, what I often think it's how they must be made up of naivety and cold callous people. I say these things because in any event in history when the proverbial has hit the fan thing historians start reaching for their Schaefer Fountain Pens.

The guilty ones do not have to consider these things because by the time they are found out, so much time had passed that they have had their money, now old or even dead.

What I find strange is that they do bit think about those that are supposed to be classed as their loved ones, primarily their children and grandchildren. If the family name gets remembered fur the wrong reasons then their descendents will have a difficult time from an even larger population.

Myself personally I could not look my own daughter or grandchildren in the eyes not knowing that I tried, with every fibre of my being to do right thing, to fight for truth, justice and help those that are unable to help themselves. Even if these means removing the blinkers over their eyes.
I am of the strong belief that from small acorns mighty oaks do grow. It should also be pointed out that mighty oaks do grow slowly. Very slowly.

Sure it would have been nice to have had some fringe benefits for my efforts but this is not the driving force for my actions. It's peace of mind that I did, said and acted in every possible way I could think of to try and stop people from walking blindly into the raging fires.

I simply hoped to show people that you do bit have to lie and cheat to get on or run a business. That you can succeed in doing what you wish for the most part and do so with honour. That no matter what is thrown at you that you can stay straight and stay true.

At the same time I wanted to show that the things that have wrongly persisted for years that have allowed elements in this country to wreak havoc now has to stop.

I simply hoped I could make a small start or step in this direction, the right direction. I kind of hoped it might catch on over time. This was always going to take several years of writing and several years longer than this of people reading.

Because in twenty years I have not been witness to the human race progressing very much. Some things have but in smaller steps that I thought while others have indeed gone backwards ... many years in reverse gear in fact.

I only hope I live long enough to see the fruits of my labours.

As usual I digress.

Tech firms want 'digital ministers' http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-29205372

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