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Well is it not so bloody hilarious how quickly everyone speaks out when it becomes obvious that the nation are in agreement and see things fur what they are?

Of course I am soaking about the parents to that little boy who was frail and horribly wrenched away from his parents by a bunch of body morons who simply did not want to look bad for refusing the correct treatment for his tumour!

Now I wonder if it will now end which boy only do I think would be horribly wrong but I also do not think it will do. Because I want to know who called the Police and why and also why the Police seem to act on behalf of what are clearly corrupt public services without question?

I always knew in the last the years that it was merely only a matter of time before someone connected to either the NHS, a health professional, or Local Council got the thugs in and it not only blew up in their faces but hit the media headlines at the exact same time!

Yes, yes you would be correct in thinking that the Police have been ripped asunder and in the spotlight and a very bad light fur many things. But this direct link to the NHS and of acting without question to the detrimental affect of completely innocent people. This I have been waiting for, fur a long time. It is so horrid that it turned out to be an extremely sad case before the media picked up on something.

But then if they had paid any attention to the four DVDs crammed with data the years ago this would never have happened.

At the end of the day if you don't pay attention or only report on the most atrocious atrocities then a great deal of damage gets done and likely for a very long time before you act.

To give you an idea a lady in the new complained at the amount of attention the other morons are getting in the Islamic State for their second bloodthirsty actions. She is right and the man she argued with was wrong. The amount of attention they got in the media only signed this latest man's death warrant. It's what they want!

The other man from a rival newspaper disagreed but the smart woman then stated that these men know nothing of the culture out there but one reporter did and spoke fluent Arabic!

I thought that this was an extremely important point! How level headed and quite correct she was on this subject.

However what they fail to add is that they are just insecure prior who can't get girlfriends and probably hearing how badly their own women behave in the UK and went after a bit of ... well fame. Out there the women get beaten of they are disobedient so can just choose the ones they want and they get no day on the matter?!

Lol. That's really about half of what I think when I think of these people. I could go on about how the powers that be in the west have only added to this by the way they carry on. Also not clever when those to to no good actually carry on regardless even when find out!

Even when they are notified that they are now on tape!

You have to bring out all down to one simple line that has been used over and over to describe the west and even used in a James Bond film or two; corrupt.

What they ignored in the way of warnings from me was that if they continued like this they would systematically and shortly destroy the country. Even front line staff have agree with me on this that they are clueless to the Internet and how the world now communicates and are simply a decade behind.

I state over and over in letters done of which I may have posted on here two years ago that if they ignore it all they will do is ensure that the longer it continues before they are found out the worst it will be.

I have been in need of a television ever since I was physically assaulted had four brand new items with second hand value of £4,000 odd and an old item that was worth £700.

Even if I had the money for a replacement TV I now know that there is an extremely good chance of around 80% or more that it will be a used or refurbished set with faults.

Plus TV is absolute shite outside of Doctor Who and Family Guy and American Dad!

I would be using it for blu-ray films and twenty four hour news for subject matter for this blog. There is radio for that latter one ... ooh there is radio for Doctor Who too come to think of it.

Reality Shows, talent shows, soap operas along with Dragon's Den and The Apprentice I hate! The latter two most of all! Ooh I forgot Big Brother! To me this is all TV is and two of the three CSI's have now ended. Ooh Person Of Interest is extremely good.

But then there are my shirt term memory problems! I am always forgetting things and it sends to be getting worse and worse. I get periods of time where I struggle to get things done. Like now! My feet pains have been lower than normal but having issues with memory.

Really wish you had some kind of warning with Fibromyalgia! I cannot emphasise enough how bloody debilitating it is and in so many ways.

I'm bit going into that and no point now except for the times when it gives me something new to look forward to, line very achy muscles and very stiff ones after sitting down for awhile.

But back on topic there is a great deal more to come I am sure. From all three of the EVIL TRINITY that are the NHS, Police and Local Councils. You can probably throw the DWP in their too.

When you look at all of them together and look deep into how they link up and operate, bearing in mind the DPA (DATA PROTECTION ACT) existed to stop these lot from exchanging information and wiring together and being too powerful and yet this sends to be exactly what is happening.

Yes they are being found out now but I can assure you, and should make sense once you realise, that it's because they have down away with it for so king they got too arrogant and ignorant. Their confidence grew to gargantuan proportions and it will be revealed there is a history going back over ten years and on occasions over twenty years.

The victims of the Rotherham paedophile ring stated in an interview that it was not just the council and the Police ... SOCIETY let them down!

I am afraid this is true because I have seen people that simply won't watch the news because it's always terrible things going on. But then mention a collapse and the same people would laugh the possibility off?!

Ignorance is no longer bliss!

I had a visitor here today who was treated in exactly the same way by the Police and the NHS. I was telling him about this sorry and it's latest and he himself had been paying attention.

I explained that I knew what was going on in these public service and known for a very long time. I knew no one would believe me and some would likely call me barking mad. There was no way to get hero or justice in the UK which is morally wrong no matter which way you slice it. This for me is a massive breach of human rights and for so many reasons and on so many levels. I said I knew I would have to record every single one of them and would take me several years to get enough for each and every one of them.

Those that thought me mad now all know exactly what's going on. A friend's family purchased the items from Argos and ask had parts missing. On the second item he said 'see this is what Martin was on about, we have had two out of two!'

Everyone I ever speak to lately and this includes a trickle of occasional customers in a retail store where I hang out just to get out of the house to stop me really going mad! Lol.

No one trusts anything anyone says and nothing that anyone sells. That is not going to get better is going to get worse because everyone had a long history of doing very bad things in their positions of great responsibility. They abused this and have done so for a very long time.

Now this is not going to disappear overnight. No siree! It will take years and that when they are given the reason to start trusting again. Until that time you will get the usual peaks and troughs. The peaks are not like the summit of a small mound. The troughs week be like cavernous pits from time to time.
It needs that push start though. There is only one way to do it and I think it's at least a year before someone comes out and gives everyone that reason to stop their guard.

There are only two men in politics that are even capable of doing it? I question that because I have been wrong before! Well I was wrong on one, the other I am not sure. Both in the coalition but not a party I think should be in pet add they will likely make things worse.

The other two belong to different political parties from both each other and those I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Yes I am not infallible. I like to give the impression that I am on here but for the enemies to think I am unbeatable. Well I am, Lol. I just do get things wrong one in awhile.

As for what I have done and acquired in the way of evidence and if they don't like it I am afraid it's tough shit!

You took away both my legal and human rights along with this of millions of others ... I simply looked and find another way and in so don't it single handedly I was about to show up everyone I every approached, regardless of the reasons, as corrupt, evil, selfish, seeks obsessed liars and frauds.
I have done that already now and then some and that does not include tens of gigabytes of data I have but lost track of what I got but still here.

As things come out in the news for each it will mimic many of the events I have listed on here along with recordings I have.

There is a trail of heaped powder now leading to a keg. I stand over it with a Zippo and a smile.
I now simply wonder where the next revelation will come from?

I also wonder if the approach to Cliff Richard's property was a big set up so that they could drop the investigation into him and he gets off? Yes these things do not escape my attention.

Ashya's parents freed from prison http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29040124

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