Friday, 12 September 2014


I will be blatantly honest and say that Oscar Pestorius being acquitted came add a complete surprise to me.

I was then confused what several people came out to defend him by stating they were happy and insinuated that the idea there were problems between them was out of the question.

Then and before the last lot of comments had time to sink in I was hearing quite different things.
Then he gets found guilty of manslaughter, or Culpable Homicide add they call it in South Africa. Now here is a report of the one thing I was expecting to hear but stated to think I would not, that the parents of Oscar's girlfriend, Reeta Steenkamp, were disappointed in the verdict.

I must say I thought the Judge was extremely naive when it came to Oscar's emotions and not only was I not there but I did not watch all of the courtroom drama, I doubt I saw much more than 10% of it? Yet that was all I needed to decide that he was faking it. That and the years only occurred in the courtroom while the to'ing and fro'ing showed no emotion whatsoever. Something I find particularly odd and somewhat disturbing.

Somehow I do not think we have heard the last from that horror story and there will likely be a lull before something bubbles to the surface. I know there had to be more to it and I am sorry Mr Pistorius but I think the very idea of the excuses utterly ludicrous. Hence why I was so surprised to hear of the judgement and the naivety of the Judge.

I could be wrong of course and I am not familiar with South Africa, it's people or it's attitudes as regards the reporters but there had to be more to this?

Steenkamp family protest at verdict

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