Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I might have someone in need of help here?

I only hope I am in time but awhile ago I was asked to sign a petition over the fact someone died due to neglect on the NHS' behalf.

Now I do not know about this case personally and I do receive a great deal of requests to sign petitions. I normally sign for the majority. There are the of ones that are somewhat misguided. Like ones about climate change and there is no point in putting all your eggs in one basket especially when the scientific facts are not done and dusted. Just saying they are because most people say they are dies not mean that they are.


Tonight I received an email from someone petitioning on Change.org over an Aunt that suffered via the NHS and they tell me that the NHS have threatened to take them to court over the petition and ordered to take it down?!

Personally I think that they should tell them to sick it up ... ahem I mean tell them to be your guest. I do. Always. Well, that is after correcting them that my actions are neither illegal nor immoral. It is truly astonishing how stupidly they react when they discover that their claims of being honest and professional have been recorded secretly for months if not years?

Also odd about this petition is that my actions have also had another facet to them as I wanted to be taken to court and still do. On certain things that is. I have heard of many people being threatened with solicitors and courts, well only the guilty liars and cheats deserve legal representation, by the DWP, Atos and now the NHS. Only two of the public services I have been after have yet to threaten use of solicitors over someone seeking the truth and justice. These would be first off the Local Councils which I fully expect someone to tell me they are being sued by next. The last of them will turn out to be a little difficult add this is the Police. It is one thing that the Police are at the beck and call, asking with the legal system, to bully innocent people into submission, but to do this themselves would be a step too far. In fact I am not even sure there is an avenue for them to do this?

Others have realised the same and themselves fit told that they are going to be arrested and then sued. Well a month on and there have been no Police Officers calling and no legal letters, it's a bluff.


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