Friday, 19 September 2014


A bit of a shocker this one.

I expected a great deal of things to emerge in the media regarding health professionals, though I use the latter term somewhat loosely. But with all the possible outcomes you could possibly imagine this is one that I never ... EVER thought I would hear about let alone read about.

"Go ahead and bloody well do it!" was the Doctors advice when a patient said they wanted to kill themselves?!

I want to now know more details about this Doctor like where he is from and how the hell he ever achieved a Doctorate?!

EDIT: Oh well will you look at that? The patient was a woman stressing about giving evidence in a easier case and used het phone to record the appointment and was used in his dismissal, therefore my last GP lied yet again, lmao!!

So for the record then it's not illegal and that's now official and I am sure many of you would feel better knowing that? I knew someone locally that well be interested to hear this when she herself was threatened and told the Police were going to be called. No one turned up of course.

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